10 Questions to Ask When Choosing the Best International School in Dubai

How do you choose the right school for your child? With so many options out there, it can be a daunting task, especially given how much pressure there is in society for parents to get their children into the best schools. That’s because the best schools will guarantee that your child will be more successful and happier in life. To make that happen, here are some helpful questions to lead you to the right answer. 

  • When does the academic year start? 

Before you look for an international school in Dubai, start with the basics. When will the academic school year start? If you’re moving to the country soon, it’s a good idea to prepare ahead. Knowing the important months for enrollment will help you plan better. In Dubai, for instance, school starts in September or the last week of August. 

  • What is the best school? 

There is no standard answer to this question. It will largely depend on several factors. You’ll need to think about your child: what are your child’s interests? Is your child an introvert or extrovert? Are they an CBSE school in Dubai with  international standards or are they an IB school? The best school will depend on the aspirations you have for your child. 

  • What are the extracurriculars? 

If your child has a strong interest in sports, then schools that offer sports activities are a good option. If your child seems to have an affinity for language, then find a school that offers language learning lessons. Knowing another language opens up a lot of opportunities for one’s personal and professional development later. Look for options like performing arts, sports and more. 

  • What is the curriculum? 

What kind of curriculum or learning system does the school have? Some schools are all about the traditional way of learning, which puts the teacher at the centre of the classroom. That usually means hours of lectures where students don’t participate and only passively listen to the teacher. Apart from the curriculum, do they encourage leadership and care for the community? Let us suppose you opt for a CBSE school in Dubai, the next thing to consider is what is the 

  • Are the teachers trained? 

What kind of credentials and qualifications do the teachers have? That matters. However, more than their training, it’s their commitment to the work and their love for the children in their class that determine whether they’re a good teacher or not. Teachers have a huge role to play, as their encouragement can do a lot to help students gain confidence in themselves and work harder to achieve their goals. Teachers change the future. They can make children believe in what they can do and the importance of being kind to others. 

  • How many students are in a class? 

Class size also matters. Some schools have about 12 (which is small) to 16 (about manageable) in their classes. Twenty-four students in a class mean it’s a large one. Some international schools, though, hire assistant teachers who take on some of the burden in class. That leaves the primary teacher free to focus on every child in the class. That said, a small to midsize classroom size is ideal since that means there aren’t too many students around. That leaves the teacher with time enough on her hands to offer individual attention to every student in her class. 

  • Do they offer tours? 

With the pandemic, many schools have started offering virtual tours of the school. Call and schedule that one. You might also want to send a set of questions right along with that request. That way, when someone from the school assists you and takes you around on a virtual tour, they have a better idea about the topics or facilities that the tour will focus on. That also works to the school’s advantage since they can pick the right personnel to conduct the tour. That is, it has to be someone who can answer your questions with ease. 

  • What is your budget? 

International schools can cost a lot. If you think you’re ready for that, then go right ahead with your child’s enrolment. Of course, there are also scholarship programs that you and your child might look into. Those programs could provide a viable alternative to your child. If your little one is smart enough, has the right records, and is eligible for the programs, then there’s no reason why your child shouldn’t try. 

  • Does the school encourage parent involvement? 

Not all schools are proactive about getting parents involved in their child’s schooling. But others are. Also, many of the best teachers know that they need to partner up with the parents if they want to provide the best possible learning experience for the children. Consider that and the level of parental involvement that the teachers and school encourage. 

  • What style of learning is encouraged?

There are many schools that encourage more active participation from students. They have student-centric classes wherein the teacher merely facilitates the discussions and gives the children opportunities to talk aloud and wonder about the lessons. They are encouraged to ask questions. If that’s the learning style you want for your child, you’ll need to look for schools that offer that educational experience. 


Hope these questions help you in choosing the best international school in Dubai for your child.


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