Mixreads.com is a unique platform that allows users to write articles and earn money for every view their article gets through organic ways. Mixreads takes care of payments for users and supports various types of payment methods to pay users who reach withdrawl threshold. For SEO experts who are seeking Guest Posts Online for Free, we also support them to post articles and get a backlink instert in their blog post. Sometimes we realtised that users who can't do guestpost or cant write posts by their own, we have referal plan for them to earn for lifetime.


Why Join Us?

Mixreads.com is a platform that allows its users to write articles for the site and earn money for them. Through this practice, both the writers and our website grow. We encourage anyone who has an idea or topic they want to write about to contact us. We pay all eligible writers one dollar per 1000 views, their name is displayed, and they can use these articles for their portfolio. 


We provide our readers with gold nuggets of information that will help them in many situations. The goal of Mixreads.com is to help readers fulfill their career goals or help them live a better, more productive, and healthier life.  


SEO Program

Everyone is paid equally, and we allow various platforms for taking care of the payments and withdrawal. If you are a more advanced content writer or an SEO specialist, we will enable you to post your articles on our website and build backlinks. 


For those unfamiliar with the term, SEO stands short for Search Engine Optimization. The main goal of the people maintaining the websites is improving the quality of the webpage and making sure that the website receives as much organic traffic from the search engines as possible. SEO-optimized articles put in relevant keywords so search engines can more easily find the relevant articles and information to achieve this. 


By having links to your page, you are also improving the chances for your page to come up first on the search engines, and we are here to help you achieve that. This technique is often used by people who already have their websites and are looking for ways to build more links. 


Referral Program

Our website’s primary purpose is to help beginner writers start their careers and earn some money through writing. As we mentioned earlier, we provide a place where both content writers and SEO experts can develop and learn. For people that are neither, we offer them a unique referral program.


How Does a User Referral Program Work?


  1. You have to be a registered user on our site.
  2. Find a referral link in your referral section.
  3. Share it with your friends.
  4. For every user that registered through the referral program, you will earn 20% of their commissions for a lifetime. 
  5. If you are not a writer, you can earn money by referring writers to our website and encourage them to write, when someone you refer to earns money, you will get 20% referral income of their earnings everytime. 

A User Referral Program is a simple way to earn money if you have friends that are writers, or even as a way to practice talking and hiring unknown people online. By building yourself a network of writers or webmasters, you can have future cooperation and work chances. If you happen to have friends that are writers, you can introduce them to Mixreads.com and help them start earning money for their articles. People that happen to have interests in public relations and similar fields can always use this as an opportunity to talk to strangers and practice their hiring skills. Referral Program is the most straightforward way of earning money on our site since you only need to get users to register using your referral link. The more views they get, the more you will make. It is as simple as that.


Our Newsletter

We upload many articles daily. If you think that our website is an excellent way of learning and improving yourself, you can fill out your email in the newsletter form and start receiving our articles daily. 


Subscribing to the newsletter is always helpful for both readers and writers. It’s useful for writers so they can track the usual topics that are written about on a daily level. And it is helpful for readers so they can have their daily dose of useful information. Mixreads.com will provide you with a combination of many fields, and you will find at least one article daily that’s helpful for you.


If you get bored with our newsletter (If it provides you with irrelevant articles too often or if you don’t want notifications), you can always unsubscribe from it. 


Mixreads.com doesn’t require you to invest anything besides your time and effort. There aren’t any fees for your profile, and you can write whenever you want on almost any topic you can think of. 


Why should you choose us?


Many different websites provide you with similar services when it comes to writing and learning. We provide you with a reliable platform with a steady income depending on how much you work and how well you do your work. Even though it’s on the website, your articles will represent you and your personal beliefs and knowledge. 


We provide withdrawing money from the most popular international platforms, and we have regular users and writers from many different parts of the world. All users will earn equal money per view, no matter what country they are from.  

If you face any issues, please visit our CONTACT page and submit your request. Our team will respond to you in 24 hours.