5 Acute Things You Need To Consider To Develop A Premium Instacart Clone App

When you take a minute and look at the changes around us, most of the things would be because of technology. The total hours spent between your mornings and nights are accompanied by the smartphones and the applications in them. Be it performing tasks or just moping around, we use smartphones as if they are our breather. And why not, right? With so many apps that bring us convenience more than we could have asked for, everything is at our fingertips. 

For instance, if someone forgets to buy the essential ingredient to prepare the favorite dish, they won’t have to run errands. Just a few clicks here and there, and they get it in a matter of time. 

The stats are here to prove how many people across the world prefer these grocery delivery apps and how important they have become in today’s lives. 


The online grocery business sale in China and Japan has grown to $50.9 billion and $31.9 billion, respectively. 

It is expected that 50% of online shoppers from the Netherlands, France, and the UK will be ordering the non-perishable and perishable products online once a week by the year 2021. 

85% of the people prefer doorstep deliveries of their groceries, and 15% of the respondents are using click-and-collect services. 

Instacart has said that the demand for its services has grown by ten folds and in certain areas like New York, Washington, Oregon, and California by 20 folds. 

So you could see that the competition is severe and so is the profit. What would be the right time than jumping to develop an Instacart like app? This blog is to present you with the easy steps to build an on-demand grocery delivery app. Scroll down to get started. 


Choose a business model:

There are four different apps under the category of an online grocery app. So, to create an app, you must decide under which model your app is going to fall. 


  • Marketplace

These apps have their own menus and logistic services to deliver the groceries to the doorstep. If you don’t have experience in the grocery business, this type of app can come in handy for you. 


  • Aggregator

This type of app is used to list out all the nearby stores and menus. The app lets the user order groceries from the nearest store. These apps use affiliate drivers for delivery services, but the product fulfillment is based on the store. An example of this app is Instacart. 


  • Grocery chain

Apps like Walmart and Kroger are examples of this type of apps, as they are already established business giants in the grocery industry. The customers can order their groceries easily and have them delivered to the doorstep. 


  • Single store

All the app development and management, from taking orders to delivering them, will be handled by the single store. This app can be made for a good turnover if you already own a grocery store and you want to grow your business.


Present a unique solution:

For developing an app, there must be a purpose. Though the meaning of any grocery delivery app would be to deliver groceries at the doorstep, there should be something unique that you offer to your customer. Think about the aspects of why users prefer apps over stores and how you can make their experience better through your app to stay ahead of the competition. 


Analyze the market:

Before beginning with the planning phase, make sure to consider the competition in the market and know who your rivals are. Install and use their apps for a while to know best about why the app is liked or hated by the users? And what are the best things about the app or the features? And what items you can add to your own app that is not present in your competitors’ app. Once you have made sure about these things, you’ll know you are ready for the planning. 


Add enticing design and layout:

When it comes to the development of a grocery app, the attractive design goes a long way. Make sure that your application has a good layout and design. Make sure to attract them at first by offering a good design and layout to make them enjoy using your app. 


Gift them a personalized experience:

When it comes to Instacart clone app development, personalizing is a big deal. But it is better to give them a feeling that as an app owner, you have really cared about them. Use machine learning to learn and get an insight into their preferences. Looking upon that, you can provide them with some special deals and offers on those products that are bought frequently. You could suggest to them about the liked products for quick access. This increases the customer retention of your app as well. 


As a final thought,

You may think if the development is really worth it? And the answer is undoubtedly a yes. But let your worries fly out the window, as there is Instacart Clone script- the best alternative solution. To save your budget, time, and effort, there’s no better choice than this. So launch your wagon now!


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