5 Hindrances Of Forgetfulness While Studying

During our school or college years, we tend to forget what we have learned.

Have you wondered why it happened so?

You may have observed that you are unable to concentrate while studying, or that even after reading a sentence multiple times, you are unable to recall it. So, what is the cause of your forgetfulness?

Today in this article I'm going to share 5 such hindrances which lead you to forget what you have studied or difficult in remembering and also I will suggest the different ways how to overcome the hindrances.

Hindrances of forgetfulness while studying


  •     Sexual craving or desire

While studying if you're thinking about lust and feelings, then you're likely to experience forgetfulness. Since your mind is preoccupied with such desires so when you read or try to understand a topic you will not able to concentrate as nothing goes into your brain at that moment. Thus, such desires will often lead to forgetfulness.

  •         Sleepiness

 When you are awake till late at night and hardly get the required hours of sleep it is most probable that you might forget everything at the time of studying. Since you had very fewer hours of sleep so your entire day will be very sullen and energetic and you will most likely experience laziness and lethargy as your face will be full of sleepiness and while studying you will find yourself drowsing off. Thus while you sit down for studying it is quite often to forget stuff as you won't be able to concentrate and thus nothing will go inside your head at that time.

  •     Anger

Sometimes in our day-to-day lives, we face certain situations where we indulge in some arguments thus showing our temper and tend to become angry. In due course, we end up shouting at our near and dear ones and our entire day is spoilt and we experience mental disturbance. Thus, in such case when you start studying, it is expected to not remember anything as your mind is preoccupied with anger and the entire event will keep bothering you every time thus affecting your studies.

  •        Restlessness and Remorse

Another cause of forgetting what you have studied is the situation of being restless. Certain events had happened with you in the past where you had a very bitter experience. Our mind acts in such a way that if anything very good happens to us we tend to forget that very soon but when any negative thing happens to us we tend to think about it for our entire life. It remains in our memory for a long period which also affects our mental health. Thus, leading to forgetfulness.

  • Self-doubt

 Often when we see our peers or our close neighbors excelling at everything, we question ourselves, if they can do why not I? What is that thing that is lacking within us? And thus, we keep doubting ourselves. We should always remember that every individual is having certain unique qualities which distinguish them from others so everyone is capable of achieving whatever they want in life if they are having that zeal and confidence within themselves. So we should not doubt ourselves and also not compare ourselves with others. As soon as you keep doubting yourselves, it is most probable that you will lose focus and thus have a forgetful nature. Thus, always keep trust and have faith in yourselves which is the ultimate key to achieving success.


In our lives, we tend to face certain situations from which we can't escape. But, to lead a peaceful life, we should try to overcome such negativities and give more focus on our ambition and goals. Thus, to overcome such hindrance, we should at first be kind and give more love to ourselves and also if possible for only 10 minutes we should give time for meditation as this will not only keep our mind calm but also helps us in remembering things and fruitfully take decisions.



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