5 Ways to Increase Online Healthcare Consultation by 10x

The lockdown pushed the concept of Online consultation where people are not just switching to placing orders online but also consulting doctors virtually. In 4 months, more than 25,000 doctors opted for Online Consultancy- which is a 1000% upfront. Earlier, people who were not confident in placing any transaction online are now ordering essentials and non-essentials online. Although teleconsultation existed for a long time, the pandemic was the push it needed. 


The healthcare sector has provided continual access to patients via online consultancy for the last few challenging months. The best part is that those suffering in any part of the world can get the best treatment from top-notch professionals. Many healthcare ventures are taking a step ahead to introduce flexible procedures of online consultancy. If you are someone who is aiming to increase Online Healthcare Consultation by 10x, then here are five practical ways for you: 


  • Set up Online Consultation service on a Platform- When you aim to provide the Virtual Healthcare Service, you need to back up with research and an industry expert’s advice to launch on a platform. Several factors are to be taken care of- flexibility to opt for video or audio calls, allowing the opportunity to promote you, support the flexibility to text consultation, and the support of analytical data-driven packed reports. Additionally, if it provides customization to set the service for various demographic locations or flexibility to reschedule, that would be way better.


  • Rank on SEO- Once you launch your Online Consultancy service, hire an SEO expert and make them rank your service on the top. For instance- if your offer provides consultancy for Dermatological related issues, then if a required person will need a Dermatologist, then securing a top rank on Search Engines will increase your chances of yours being their priority.


  • Make sure to be available on Desktop and Mobile Version- The best part about Virtual Consultation is that anyone can take calls with the expert. At the same time, most of the platforms are desktop-friendly. Everyone can’t access the desktop to book a Call. Having a Healthcare Mobile Marketing version will boost the chances of appointments by 3x, as users prefer to make most of the online transactions through the phone.


  • Provide Customized Experience and after service- Once you start receiving appointments, provide a customized experience for the patients. It doesn’t mean giving a 1:1 consultation instead of delivering after services. For example- You can offer chat or email support for one week or ff you are a dietician, you can customize your diet for one month.


  • Maintain Privacy, Take Regular Feedback, and Improve- Privacy is something everyone is sensitive to. Make sure to not interfere with the privacy of your patients.

Taking regular feedback and reviews is vital. They might seem a bit difficult task, but they are crucial for growth in reality. There might be something in your service you lack, which might not be noticeable to you but to your patient. Taking feedback can help in eliminating drowning causes and boosting growth. Showcase reviews on the platform are another great way to build trust and authority.

Online Healthcare Consultancy is continuously growing. Offering the service is a great accessible way to meet demand and supply for the doctors. It got the push it needed, where there might be several experts available, who share the same expertise, it becomes significant to stand out from the rest. If you follow the mentioned ways, you will surely increase your chances. 



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