Yoga assumes a significant part to our wellbeing. By joining yoga to our day by day schedule, we can notice such countless physical changes just as mental changes. Yoga has numerous medical advantages moreover. Here underneath, I am posting top five yoga poses or asanas that are easy to perform and by doing them you will be able to loose your weight a lot speedier.  


1. Downward- facing dog pose ( Adho Mukha Shvanasana )

This posture extends your spine, opens your chest zone and assists your body with getting an arrangement. It is incredible for keeping a good posture and consumes calories viably.

1. Start down on the ground, guaranteeing palms are under the shoulders and knees underneath hips. Lift your hips up, fix your knees and elbows, and structure an altered ‘Angular’ shape.

2. Presently, keep your hands shoulders width separated, and point your fingers ahead. Put focus on your palms and open your shoulder bones.

3. Attempt to push your heels to the floor. Cause your eye centered to remain alert.

4. Hold for 8-10 breaths.


2. Boat pose ( Paripurna Navasana )

Boat Pose develops stomach and core strength. Notwithstanding the stomach muscles, it works the profound hip flexors. These muscles get powerless when you sit excessively. It will likewise help you fabricate your balance.

1. Sit on a tangle with your legs loosened up before you, and your hands on your side.

2. Twist your knees and raise your legs.

3. At the point when your thighs and your chest area make a ‘V’, loosen up your arms.

4. Hold the posture for at any rate 10 breaths.


3. Fish pose ( Matsyaasana )

This asana extends your stomach muscles and tones the lower half of your body. Maintain a strategic distance from this asana if are having periods or on the off chance that you have high blood pressure. 1.

1. Rests on your back, twist your knees with the bottoms of your feet on the floor, arms close by the body, palms down.

2. Lift your hips and slide your hands under the upper hindquarters.

3. Breathe in and press into your elbows and shoulders, lifting the chest.

4. Hold for 5-10 breaths


4. Sleeping Vishnu Pose or Side leaning back leg lift ( Anantasana )

 This yoga asana helps in dissolving additional stomach fat and firms the muscular strength. It likewise helps in improving blood circulation and assimilation.

1. Rests straight on your back. Turn towards your left. Lift your correct advantage at a 90 degree point.

2. Presently, raise your privilege and attempt to get the toes of your correct leg with your Right hand.

3. Hang on in this situation for around 20 seconds.

4. Attempt to remain stable.


5. Bridge Pose ( Setu Bandh)

This asana is useful for thighs, lower back and the core. By doing this pose, you will have the option to improve flow of blood and better assimilation. The extension present additionally extends the neck, spine, chest and hips.

1. Rests on your back and twist your knees with the goal that your feet’s lays on the floor.

2. Keep similar distance between your feet and bottom as your hands.

3. Presently, attempt to lift your body the upward way.

4. Stay in the pose for about 30 seconds.



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