Has anyone ever told you that you are useless in this world, or is their a time  you said to someone that he or she is useless, what about you yourself do you think or are their times you felt like you are or you were useless? 


Why it matters?

It matters because no one is useless, maybe you have went through much, have many problems or nothing seems to work out for you, all these don't mean that you are useless in this world, yes people may say that you are useless, these people can be your friends, your employers or your relatives, if this ever happened to you I'm sure that you felt hurt or maybe angry and still wondered if what you were told is true that you were or you are useless, yes this is disappointing but then you shouldn't be disappointed and yes it hurts but dont even waste your time thinking about this that you are useless, know that you too are useful.


Why you shouldn't over think about it?

If you over think you might end up having health issues, remember that it isn't good to over think, so to be healthy stop over thinking, additionally, why should you over think? Yes because you were hurt by the words, "you are useless in this world" but then don't take it seriously, why? Maybe your friend, employer or your relative said so because he or she had some other problems, there are people like that, people who take their anger upon others, maybe he or she was in a bad mood and said what he or she said but not meaning it, on the other hand if you were the one who told someone that he or she was useless, know that it hurts, that someone has feelings like you, he or she isn't a robot, so if you told someone that he or she is or was useless, before anything go and set things straight, put yourself in his or her shoes a little, ask yourself, what if it was you, how would you have felt, would you rejoice that someone told you that you are useless?, of course not, because no one is useless, even though you are stressed out, its always important to mind your tongue, why? Because you can end up saying something you shouldn't have said and what follows that is regretting. Remember that the employee you are calling useless is working for you, no matter the position he or she is in, in your business, he or she works hard for your business to stay up and running, if its your friend, keep in mind that no one is perfect and mistakes can be done anytime.


Points to keep in mind

  1. No one is useless in this world

  2. We all have feelings, we are not robots, which means we can get hurt.

  3. It's always important to mind our tongue since we may regret what we have said later.


In conclusion no one is perfect and no one is useless in this world, keeping this in mind will help you to get along with others and not expect too much from them because everyone has limitations.



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