Can slavery be discussed as an important topic in global economic development?

Can slavery be discussed as an important stage in global economic development?


Slavery generally means using human effort in workforces without valuing human rights or forcing humans to work more than what is typically required. Slavery was mostly used in the past century of the 16th and 19th century by the western countries. Western countries like America transported most of the Africans and European slaves to go and work in their vast plantations. They transported women, men, and children with an exception of the sick and disabled. Slavery was perceived as a form of business where the two countries were involved in buying and selling slaves and the government could charge taxes to that country that intend to buy slaves.

 This form of slavery was mainly practiced during those eras where most countries encouraged communism but currently, most of the country and communities have embraced capitalism, therefore, discarding slavery. Capitalism allows people to have the liberty to do what is right and to never give consent to anyone who may misuse their rights. I don’t think is critical to currently discuss slavery as a paramount concept in the global economic development essentially because most of the countries have already developed in terms of technology subsequently lowering the human labor force, in most of the country documented policies to govern the violations of human right and if anyone is caught practicing such an erratic behavior should be judged in court.

It can be exemplary if most of the countries can extricate this notion of slavery and focus on innovation and improvement of the technology which can aid to combat the work pressure in most of the industries which will eventually exponentially raise the speed of work. When the well-developed machine can be integrated into workforces instead of human slavery then this can also increase the firm production and lower the cost because machines are faster than people. In conclusion, human slavery should be regarded as an outdated topic and shouldn't be discussed as an essential docket in global economic development.


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