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Tarot Reading is an ancient and popular predictive method that allows you to predict future possibilities and find answers to all your questions. Whether you are looking for your soulmate or stuck in a career rut or facing financial hurdles, tarot readings can help you to find an easy way out to all your problems. Probably that is why millennials rely on tarot cards reading apps and seek ways to learn tarot cards on their own. 


Do you also want to learn Tarot cards? or Are you looking to buy a good deck for you? If yes, then this post is definitely for you. In this post, you will find the best tips to choose the right deck and get the cards that will help you to get intuitive and insightful tarot reading. 

How to Choose the Right Tarot Deck For You?

Follow the 9 steps to select a perfect tarot deck for you. 

  1. Find the Cards that Connects With You

The First step to choose the right tarot deck is finding the one that connects to you the most. Tarot cards work by making a connection with your intuition. It allows you to explore your inner self and find the answers to your most pressing questions. The Tarot deck is the medium to invoke your spiritual and intuitive abilities and thus you should always look for the Tarot deck with which you could relate. Look at the imageries, themes, symbolism, drawings etc, and choose the one you feel drawn to over and over again.  Just follow instincts here also and select the best tarot deck for you. 

  1. Explore the Imagery of Every Tarot

While finding the right Tarot deck for you, make sure you give consideration to the imageries of the card. As different tarot decks show different imageries, you need to be more aware of what you go for. Look again here for the cards that have interactive imageries. Ask yourself am I drawn to these images and the artwork? Does the color of the cards and variation of the deck appeal to me? If your answer is yes, then you have found the deck that resonates with your inner being. 

  1. Consider Your Knowledge About Tarot

When you choose a tarot deck, always consider your experience level. Your knowledge about tarot cards and their meanings will help later in interpreting cards. Thus, consider how much you know. Do not go for any tarot deck just because it is beautiful but also choose it on the basis of your experience with tarot. Thus, if you are a beginner, go for the Rider Waite deck that is not only popular but also very easy to understand. You may also prefer Everyday Tarot deck that offers minimal imagery. On the contrary, if you are experienced, go for the cards like Thoth Tarot deck which offers a complex and deep tarot meanings. 

  1. Choose the Tarot System

When it comes to tarot, there are various tarot decks that are available in the market. Each tarot deck is unique and has different tarot traditions. Some Tarot decks are traditional and some have modern artwork. For instance, The tarot de Marseilles, Visconti Tarot and Rider Waite Smith are traditional decks that have been used for tarot predictions for years. In a very traditional deck such as The Marseilles, the imageries are illustrative and sometimes very difficult for beginners. While in the modern tarot decks like The Fountain Tarot, the images are very beautiful and relevant.   So, it’s your decision if you want to go for traditional decks or choose modern ones. 

  1. Check the Size Options

Different tarot decks have different sizes of cards. From oversized cards to full center stage images to miniature decks are available in the market. Your work is to choose the Tarot deck size that fits well in your hands. You need to see if you are comfortable in shuffling the cards. An oversized tarot deck card can be problematic to handle if you have small hands but for anyone with vision impairment, it can be a perfect deck to read and interpret imageries of Tarot. On the contrary, mini-sized Tarot decks are easy to handle while you travel. It fits well in your handbag and very easy to shuffle. However, for everyday use, regular decks are mostly preferred. 

  1. Look Out for the White Book

Most of the Tarot decks have a white book with its box that explains Tarot card Imageries and provides tarot card meanings. If you are someone who wants to know about the Tarot card artworks go for the deck that offers White Book with the information that you need. Otherwise, you may learn tarot cards online and use your intuitive abilities to interpret tarot cards. 

  1. Consider Your Intention

This is one of the important aspects that you should think about deeply. Consider your intention behind reading the tarot and think about the way you want to connect with the Tarot.  Do you want to use a Tarot card for meditation or you want to read tarot cards for others such as your friends or clients? If you want to learn more about tarot and practice it daily, you can choose any deck of your choice while if you want to connect with your inner goddess, consider the Mythical Goddess Tarot or Goddess Tarot. For reading professionally, you would need various tarot decks as different clients connect with tarot energies. 

  1. Check Quality of Cards


Quality is always foremost even when you are choosing the Tarot deck. Some cards come with good quality while some cards offer cheap productions that tear easily at any time, Thus, always carefully check the quality of Tarot deck that you are choosing. Prefer the tarot deck that has a good thickness. The cards with good thickness can be used for a long time on a regular basis.


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