Krizzy Henry cains : Personal Life

Personal Life

Krizzy Henry cains is from the Chikasha family and he is all about the Music and upgrading his life each day created by the Almighty God .He made so much records since he started music though he is still a student and He finished High school in 2019.His first time in the studio which was in 2014 he freestyled 12 songs the same day...

He loves his family and relatives and they really support him with his Music especially his Father who He thanks so much for giving him the financial support and love for his music career ...Krizzy Henry cains is not yet married still making progress for his life and most of the times he will be alone Meditating to himself or listening to the music writing bars ...He is a person who is so kind and friendly ...He believes in Music and He calls himself the future of trap music




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