Holidays are a stressful time. Amidst the extra work, the extra traffic and the stress of spending money on you - even the holiest mother will continue to question her holiness as a holiday.


   Here are some ideas to help you maintain your purity this holiday season.


   Make a list (read this list two or more times). Keep your shopping list in your purse so that you are upset or spoiled - overspeeding. If you walk into a store and are dazzled by all the shiny things, I can relate. I get so overwhelmed that I get nothing. But, as the holidays get closer, I want to go into "supermarket sweep" mode and I start throwing everything in my car (whether I really need it or not). Having a list can help you fight this urge, keep you sane - and help your budget stay sane in the process.


   As soon as you start buying, start wrapping. There is nothing more stressful than having to deal with a mountain of unwritten gifts two days before Christmas. Save on the cost of wrapping the paper every year by buying it after the holiday and keeping it away for the next year. Be sure to attach a gift tag when wrapping. If you're rapping a month in advance, there's no way for you to remember what a funky rectangular shaped box is, let alone do it.


   To save time and purity, wrap gifts that all run together in identical paper. For example, wrap all the gifts that happen to your mother-in-law on Christmas Eve in red paper with giftbread men. And keep all the gifts for your friends and neighbors in blue paper with snowflakes, etc.


   Cook beforehand. Did you know that you can make mashed potatoes during the summer, freeze them and prepare them for the holidays? If you use a freezer-friendly recipe, mashed potatoes can be kept in the freezer for months. Pre-cook your mashed potatoes and offer to bring them to Christmas dinner. You can let go of the stress of cooking, as they will be ready and waiting for you.


   Limit your travel. The holidays are about family, but they are also about being together and making memories. If you spend your vacation in a car together, going through icy paths, consider ways to reduce stress.


   The holiday is a time to make memories. Often the memories we are making are of a stressed mother who is missing out on all the fun as she tries to create a perfect moment. Instead, relax and experience the holidays with your family. Between a little planning and some pressure off, you'll have a holiday that will fill Norman Rockwell's sigh

Suresh jangid - Apr 24, 2021, 10:22 AM - Add Reply

Wow nice .......
And very beautiful tips ...
Tnku suruuu..
Love u all...
And ese hi tips dete rhe hmw

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