How To Avoid Loneliness And Stay Happy

How much do we care about loneliness?

Can people be alone? The answer is no. Because the Creator did not leave us alone in the hereafter. Is that just so? Probably no animal on earth is alone. None of us want to be alone in the world. Very few people can be found who want to be alone. Some may be forced to live alone under the pressure of circumstances, while others may prefer to be alone. Only those who are accustomed to living alone or know the way to be alone may cross the mysterious sea called life.


When can loneliness be felt? We usually don't understand exactly when loneliness comes. When I can understand, maybe it is too late to win. Sometimes in life, there are moments when you have to be alone even if you don't want to. It may not last a lifetime, but it can be months or years. Again, you may have to live alone for the rest of your life. When we take loneliness negatively, loneliness comes to mind. This feeling then destroys us from within. No one can understand this pain properly except the sufferer. Mentally when we want someone, want to mix or keep in touch and if we don’t get him as expected then we feel lonely. We always face different kinds of problems in life. When it is not possible to solve the problem, I feel very helpless and alone. It seems worthless to you then. Many then lost interest in survival. 


And this is how the pile of loneliness accumulates in the mind. When loneliness surrounds us, our efficiency decreases a lot. No work can be done properly and attention is greatly reduced. All the joy is less and less and it is over. Once there was a mental problem. Gradually the problem took on a much larger size. That's when the matter became alarming. So remember - loneliness should not be tolerated at all. The more it can be indulged, the more it will affect life. So loneliness needs to be mentally strong and try to enjoy it without thinking life is a problem. We never really understand what we should and shouldn't do in moments of loneliness.


No one can deny that he never felt alone. At some point, we feel alone. This includes even those whom we consider being very popular. But just because a person has a lot of friends doesn't mean he doesn't feel lonely. Loneliness can be felt even when there is no intimacy with friends or loneliness can be felt even if there are many friends but no real friends. But the funny thing is that when we are alone we can know ourselves in new ways. Then we have to learn to do our own thing. So then you can learn to be self-reliant. Being alone can give you a lot more time. The pain of breaking up is the most painful in the world. And if it is a love affair then it tends to destroy both our mental strength and physical strength.


However, in the case of being alone, you can give too much time for yourself. There is some time for yourself. One can think about one's past mistakes and actions and correct the mistakes. At first glance, it is a bit difficult but at one time you can fight the pain and suffering of loneliness and learn how to have a wonderful time with yourself. One of the nice things about it is that it has a lot to offer in the future. We have a misconception that loneliness means that life is loveless. But loneliness does not mean a life without love. The best part is that we have a lot of time to enrich our lives with something good. Loneliness never betrays us.


If you feel that someone is not looking to meet you, is making excuses for being busy, is playing with faith, or is cheating in the name of love, then it is best to avoid him. Because false love can slowly end your beautiful life. So in this case, as a person, you need mental strength and strong morale. However, loneliness is the end of his life because many people do not have the mental strength. We can eliminate loneliness from our lives if we want to and we love our lives. If we can keep ourselves busy in good deeds, then loneliness cannot affect our minds too much. So we can do some hobbies, such as gardening, visiting a good place, etc.


Besides, I can do painting, tidying the house, listening to music, etc. You should take care of your body. I can exercise, I can walk more. I can think creatively. I can write stories if I want. I can turn my own small experiences into stories. This is how you can spend some beautiful moments with yourself. A good way to get rid of monotony is to travel to new places, travel can bring peace of mind and gain knowledge. You can discover yourself So maybe doctors tell patients to travel. So the best way to overcome loneliness is to travel and it is first on my list of favorites.


Another thing is to make friends with adults, which many of us do not understand. There are many wise men older than you who are much more advanced in their judgment and they are reliable. You should make friends with new people so that loneliness is eliminated. The great virtue of forgiveness is acquired when alone. When one thinks of one's own mistakes alone, a kind of compassion arises in the mind of others. Then we can forgive others. Our troubles then become light. Living alone seems to be one of the biggest accomplishments then. Besides, another thing we have to feel is that we can feel our Creator. We get a chance to match ourselves with the Creator.


Another good thing that is discovered after being alone is that we can recognize real friends When we are alone we try to separate ourselves from everything. If there is a problem, I try to solve it alone, which is completely wrong. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take regularly. Nike no longer feels alone when it comes to getting help from others. There are people around us who like many of us. The support we get from others makes us confident. Understand that the person who will help you in your bad times is your true friend. Don't make the mistake of recognizing a friend or foe when no one is around.


There are many bad aspects of loneliness. So we should know about its loss. Studies have shown that loneliness is just as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Suffering from loneliness for a long time is much more harmful to the brain. There is a saying, "Cheetah fire is better than thought". When we are alone, we are overwhelmed by strange thoughts And these thoughts harm mental health as well as physical health. Anxiety causes various diseases in the body. So you should stay away from worries as much as possible.


When we are alone, we often get involved in mistakes. Even loneliness leads us astray. To overcome loneliness, we get involved in any friendship without any discrimination Many people have the misconception that it is better to have a friend than to have no good friends. And this is what can bring danger to our lives. One thing to keep in mind is that electronic devices do not always eliminate our loneliness. Electronic devices set us apart from humans. We start to reduce talking. We become human beings of silent nature.


Loneliness is the universal truth. As long as there are people in the world, there will be society, there will be loneliness. Society has been created because people cannot live alone. So if you feel lonely, it is important to solve it. Loneliness can be self-discovering and helpful in improving life. But the important thing is to learn to love the moments of being alone. Then loneliness cannot touch us. Something has to be done to make it seem as though the loneliness is distracting and the loneliness seems to be nothing more than a temporary feeling. We feel lonely at different times in life


So you should do things that make you feel good and you will like the job so much that you will never know how to spend your time. Reading books is also of great quality. Books are our true friends. You can join various social organizations and take part in social development work. If the cause of loneliness is not meeting people in the neighborhood, then this work will help you a lot.


At first, you may feel bad about mixing with strangers But get to know people better and learn to mix slowly. If you suffer from loneliness, you can take the job as an option. If you are afraid to mix with strangers or you are unprepared, choose an organization where you can be happy as well as work and share your creative thoughts with everyone. In doing so, you may become acquainted with people who match your thoughts and attitudes.


Try to change your thinking. Those who claim to be alone are sympathetic to other people in society. Have you ever considered the benefits of being alone? Being alone means a huge opportunity to spend time with yourself, an opportunity to organize yourself There is no fear of being held accountable to others for anything. A taste of independent life is available. So think about the good aspects of being alone. Be prepared to associate with someone new. But you can not find a partner in anything? Or can't maintain the relationship for long? Then you should think about why this is happening to you? Is it a problem to find a partner or you are not able to maintain the relationship due to some bad nature?


Learn to be proud of yourself. Be content and enjoy what you have or what you have. This is very important to reduce the sadness of what you do not have. If you think about your success, good times, funny moments, you can hope that you will not be able to swallow loneliness. Don't get frustrated with loneliness, focus on your work or profession. Don't worry too much about being alone. Because the more you think about it, the more you will be affected. Mentally create the mentality of making friends with new people. Concentrate on your studies and profession as well. Sorrow will not give you a chance to hold on.


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