How to get girls even when you are disabled

  This is for those who are discouraged to tell the girl they like that they are interested and would want to be in a relationship with them. I’m here to tell you, it’s not as impossible as you have thought all these years. And I’m not just a random person writing this for you, I’m speaking strictly from personal experience.

                     I’d been in love with next door neighbor for as long as I could remember; Man, she was so pretty. I remember fantasizing about her everyday and every night, and sometimes she follows me into my dreams. Most of the times, I sat outside of my house, just so I could see her. This routine had been going on for years and we even became a hi/hello type of friends because me sitting outside all the time waiting for her made my face a regular in her daily routine, so she would say hi all the time to not seem rude. This hello/hi thing had been going on for quite some but then I couldn’t master the courage to ask her something beyond that. At my young ages, I suffered from this severe bow leg illness, which got to a point where I lost the ability to walk for more than ten (10) seconds; most of the time, I walked on my knees. I stopped school because of that and I hated every bit of it. I hated my legs and I hated myself so much. I was embarrassed to see myself walking in a mirror or a video; it was that bad.

                    Hating myself made me drift farther away from people, especially my family, because I thought everyone hated me too. There’s this mentality that tags along whenever you belittle yourself, and sometimes that mentality manifest’s and becomes real. Once you think that you are incapable of something or you feel like someone hates you as you hate yourself, you will see that the actions of people even unintentional would look like they hate you and it was done on purpose. It makes you hate people back since you think they hate you too, and it draws you away from the people who really care about you. That it from someone with experience.  

Enough of story telling let me give you the important steps to follow to be able to/ if not get the girls, tell them how you feel.

1.       ACCEPT AND LOVE WHO YOU ARE – This is the most important thing for you to do, and there is absolutely no where you cannot get to or nothing you cannot accomplish if you ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE AND LOVE YOURSELF. It took me forever to really understand this first step; but practicing it took longer than forever. Because I hated myself so much that it was locked inside the core of my heart, I had a almost impossible time, reprogramming my heart and mind to do the opposite of what we’d previously agreed upon. But after I was through with it, I realized how much lighter I became and how much positivity it gave my life and my thoughts. Realizing you are as important as everyone else just boosts major confidence.


2.       TARGET A SPECIFIC GROUP OF GIRLS – Listen, I know you might wonder why I’m saying but I’ve a good reason and you’d agree with me. You know, there are two types of girls: we have the Shallow type and matured type. Shallow girls are usually in-box minded. I have known lots of shallow minded girls, and not the person you would like to propose to. They would either break your spirit or do something worst. There was this girl I knew you thought I was weird because of the way my legs were. She used to look at me in an absurd way, I don’t know but I think she thought my bow leg was highly contagious or something because she avoided coming close to me. But there is this other girl who spoke to me the very time we met. She shook my hand and asked my name. The funny thing was that, I thought she was a weirdo or worse because she talked to me and shook my hand. In some point, I thought It was pity she felt for me, after some conversations, I found out that wasn’t the case. She just didn’t see my disability as an issue. And she hated to call it a disability. She’s like “Yeah okay that’s how it is, so what?”


3.       HAVE A GOOD CONVERSATION TO READ HER MIND – The only way to know if she’s shallow minded or mature is to have a good “Convo” with her to test her mind and views.


4.       TELL HER – “I have always had a thing for you since we were kids, but I couldn’t tell you about it because I considered myself abnormal because of my legs not looking as normal as everyone else’s. But I don’t mind anymore, I just want you to know that I like you”
This was the first time I proposed to a girl, and it was the next-door neighbor. Even though we didn’t date, I was glad I mastered confidence, and as of now, I have been In and out of lots of relationships. I’m not proud of that per-say, but I’m trying t help you understand what happens after you clear your mindset and go out there.

I hope you follow these steps so that it would also work for you.


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