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I love Indonesian food , all of the nasi gorengs ( seasoned with kecap or ketchup- sweet soya sauce and Acar or pickled cucumber) ) sotos ( soups - their signature soup is ox tongue soup šŸ˜Š) , rendang ( spicy chicken or duck stew cooked to tenderness with coconut milk ) and of course various dishes fresh water fish and black pepper crab ! I'd been to Jakarta a couple of times . My Indonesian colleague Ishan and Walyuo and I would visit aluminium and copper foundries on work ( seeking business )Ā  and in the course of making these visits , would travel far and wide even to semi urban areas where industries and farm lands co existed . On occasions we would stop by at eateries , the equivalent of our dhabas , for lunch. These would be structures made of wooden poles and planks , very rudimentary , very basic with no frills , and there would be a small water tank ( something similar to what Debnath wanted to develop here in India for farming tilapias) next to the eatery where you could point out the fish of your choice - mostly gourami or gurami for being cooked and served to you - fried and seasoned with spicesĀ  ( Tapan and Debnath could be better qualified to comment on these ) . This apart I'd been taken by surprise when partaking of food in Masaka Pedang restaurants, where the tablesĀ  would be laden with a cornucopia of dishes cooked the Bengali way including karela tarkari, fish ,Ā  chicken and mutton curry to be had with steamed rice and you'd be expected to keep a count of what you'd eatenĀ  to help in preparing the bill !


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