Live streaming: Expectations vs Reality

Live Streaming is one of the most popular ways to engage with an online audience. If you're talking about a new product launch, having a virtual event, or giving behind-the-scenes access to your organization, there's a lot to enjoy about using this medium. When it comes to streaming, though, there can be a gap between expectations and reality, especially for first-time users. 


Let's take a look at the expectations and realities that we encounter when we live streaming in this blog.


The Live Streaming Era


It has been rapidly rising since the inclusion of live streaming technologies into social media. By 2018, Facebook had hosted over 3.5 million live streams! By the end of 2019, people had viewed over 1.1 billion hours of live video from around the world! The numbers don't lie: live streaming is becoming increasingly popular.


In recent years, live streaming has become one of the most popular marketing, communication, and entertainment platforms. Modern times necessitate modern replies.

Between April 2019 and April 2020, the number of hours spent watching live streaming jumped by 95%.This rise has remained stable due to the continual lockdowns.There are no evident signals that live streaming will slow off in the foreseeable future.According to Grand View Research, the worldwide live streaming market is estimated to reach more than $180 billion by 2027.


Why is live streaming so popular?


The ability to interact in real time with thousands of people all over the world is one of the most important characteristics of live streaming and one of the reasons for its great popularity. Streamers can interact with their viewers via live chat, making their streams more engaging and entertaining to watch.


Another important factor that has contributed to the popularity of live streaming is its low cost. You do not have to pay for your live stream to be shown, unlike television broadcasts. Furthermore, live streaming might be far less expensive to produce. The opportunity to effortlessly monetize live streaming draws not just individual streamers but also many businesses all around the world.

Finally, given the recent pandemic's laws, live streaming allows people to stay connected while remaining at home. The technology has already made a significant contribution to global efforts to halt the spread of the coronavirus.


 Between April 2019 and April 2020, the number of hours watched on live streaming skyrocketed by 99 percent..Given the ongoing lockdowns, this increase has stayed consistentThere are no indications that live streaming will slow down anytime soon. According to Grand View Research, the worldwide live streaming market is estimated to reach more than $180 billion by 2027.

So, what should you expect from a livestream in reality?

1..Prepare for unforeseen circumstances by planning beforehand.


Making mistakes is one of the most difficult components of live streaming.And if something goes wrong during your stream, fixing it in real time can be challenging. That is why it is critical to plan ahead and have a backup strategy in place. Before you commence live streaming, check for internet connectivity, lighting angle, quiet ambience, and that the device is fully charged.


2. Establish a clear objective

Although live streaming is not fit for every business, make sure it is the best alternative for achieving your goals.You should have a certain objective in mind and make sure that livestreaming is the most effective technique to achieve it. If you're not sure if livestreaming is right for your company, consider the following questions:


What are my objectives for this channel?


How will I know if my stream is a success?


What kind of content will I distribute?


What is my target market?


Do I have a strategy for advertising my channel?


If you can't answer these questions, live streaming might not be the right fit for your company.


3.Ahead Of Time, Promote Your Stream


To ensure that people watch your stream, promote it ahead of time. It can be tough to convince people to watch your live stream unless you have a large and active audience. You should advertise your stream ahead of time and let people know when and where they may tune in. To market your stream, use your social media channels, email list, and website. Also, make sure people have a purpose to watch. Provide viewers with special content, behind-the-scenes access, or discounts.

4. Be ready for any technical difficulties. 


Things can go wrong during a broadcast, as we previously stated.


We had everything set up and ready to go for one of our live streaming initiatives. After many rehearsals, our customer went live, however the clicker for her slides suddenly stopped working during the live session.. Fortunately, we had an extra clicker and were able to give it to her while another speaker was speaking.


Prepare to troubleshoot and resolve any problems that may arise.Make a plan for what you'll do if your internet connection fails or you experience any other technological issues. Also, make sure you have a content backup plan in case something goes wrong.


5. There Isn't A One-Size-Fits-All Solution For Live Streaming


Live streaming is an excellent approach to engage your audience and provide interesting content. It is not, however, the ideal option for every business. You can evaluate if live streaming is the best way to attain your goals and objectives by taking the time to assess them. It's fine if it isn't! Other methods for connecting with your audience and creating compelling content exist.


You'll put your business up for live streaming success if you follow these 

guidelines. And who knows, you might even love the experience!


While creating online content is simple and straightforward, it can be intimidating for people new with content creation, video production, or online course platforms.

You can always contact webnexs live streamingif you get stuck or need help with the process.

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