Sometimes life is not easy and not simple to manage, we all live, struggling every time based on the income we generate, monthly salary, daily payments, and others own their businesses relying on the profits, but all does not stop human beings from living stress. More income or less does not matter, while we all made expenses. When economic conditions are taught, each and everyone needs to look out for how to not spend much. (reducing expenses)Of course, we can’t stop ourselves from living but we can help with saving money by growing our own standard of living.

Some ideas to make it

ØGrowing your our plantation like vegetables and fruits

ØTry to get skills on how to make home snakes like cookies, slices of bread, cakes.

Øplan and budget for your family (make your To Do, before spending)

Ø-plan to buy conservation like a fridge (sometimes homemade foods will oblige you to have a method of conservation for a long time stoke)

Ømake your own juice or beer to consume at home

Øtry to save on your bills

Øif feasible think to re-use or transform things purposes after the first usage

ØFind out the less than higher to spend on (same functionality and cost less)

ØCompare yourself to your life not others ‘life

Ølearn how to save a coin/a dollar per day

Øtry to not want/wish much and do not spend much

Everything we do, we just need to enjoy a higher standard of living, others work only to satisfy the living issues, others work to survive for a day without standardization, but all we all do is to make the way of surviving. Can you imagine the story of two friends who graduated from the same college, one was from a rich family and the other was poor. The life of the two was very different back in the years and at the current time, there was no change. The rich one told the poor that the life he is living was learned from his parents, generation to generation. Sure he is right, the way we are surviving most of us were learned from our family background.

We are not poor, we are not complaining about how we are living, much of our effort should be spent on satisfying our needs, daily expenses, grocery shopping are all our dream but for those who have land, who have creativity can find out how to grow seeds to make other incomes. What you have now is the result of what you have done in your last years, and what you are doing today will be a big influence on your future.

Let us make it to reduce expenses, for example, you are renting a house, you are paying children school fees, have bills to pay every month, shopping, etc. However, you need to buy/spend money on something you have to think twice, ask yourself questions:

DO  I really need it?

Can’t I survive without buying it? 

Is it the last option for me to buy?

Can it improve anything in my life?

If the answer to your problem is:


YES: 1.Buy it             2.Plan for it
NO:   1.Let it pass      2.Never think about it

Leisure, passing great moment, events celebrations with our family is our dream, eating tasty and healthy food Is our wish too, travel , relaxing is all about life standardization but how many of us can afford the complete set?


UWIMPUHWE Emima - Mar 11, 2021, 1:40 AM - Add Reply

woow, i like it

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MUNYANA - Mar 11, 2021, 3:29 AM - Add Reply

Thank you

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