Marriage realities

In every stages of life, there is always something to learn.

We shall surely come to this stage  of life which is " MARRIAGE"

First "What Is Marriage" - Marriage is a union between an husband and wife.

Have learn a lot about union between husband and wife and am still learning cause marriage is an institution you will never graduate from, you continue learning till death unless u desired to pull out.

Lesson learned:

You money is your money while your partners Money is only for him/her: this simply means don't be dependent on your partner money. As a wife/ husband u must be ready to take ownership by making your money. Gone are those days when they say " when your partner is Rich, you are also Rich" that was then but now if your partner is Rich that doesn't make u.

Take ownership of your life now in your marriage. Work for yourself and your family, enjoy life, don't limit yourself because of marriage and the most important thing is " Put God at the center of your marriage".



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