--I have realize that there is much more to achieve in life much more than only marriage.

Marriage is just one of the thousands of things to be achieved in life. If marriage is not working out well for you don't kill yourself, think of what next to do, engage yourself with what makes you happy. Being the best mom/dad for your kids is the greatest joy ever.

In every stage of life there is always something to learn. Marriage is one of the institution you will learn forever unless you desired to pull out.

On our wedding day, they will say you both are now one from now on, you both should share same vision and mission.

Yes there should be a common vision and mission between spouse, but there are some vision of yours which takes only your effort to bring it to reality and you should see yourself walking through it alone.

It always good for our partners to share our vision with us but it will get to a stage where discouragement will set in but at that period if you have the mindset of walking through it alone, you will be much more determine to achieve your goals.

No matter what you are going through in life, your vision can still be achieved.

You may say to yourself where should I start from!

I'm married!

I have more responsibilities!

I have no time for myself!

Have made mistakes! On and on

Remember mistakes are part of things that will happen in life so far we are humans but it is how  you take it and walk out of it that matters.

*Create time for yourself.

*Create time for your vision.

*Don't give up.

*Don't loose hope.

*Be determine.

*Be focus.

*Be prayerful.

*Believe in God and yourself.

In life no matter what happen to you, it either you use it to become the better version of you or otherwise.

You have something that someone else doesn't have that the world is looking for.

Nobody is Mr/Mrs zero. There is something in you that the world is waiting for.

Your strength is in your assignment,  your prosperity is in your purpose.

To be informed is to be transformed. It is information that give value to every vision. It is not just having the vision,it is having the adquate information to drive the vision. A reader today is a leader tomorrow.

--In life you are responsible for your attitude.

What is attitude? 

Attitude has to do with the way we choose to think about things also the way we react to things.

In life or in your marriage, you are responsible for your attitude either good or bad.

-Your attitude affect your actions.

- our attitude informs all that we say and do.

If we have a pessimistic, defeatist, negative attitude, we will express it in negative words and behavior, at that point we become a part of the problem rather than part of the solution

Attitude affect actions and actions influence others.

--In life love is the most powerful weapon in the world for good and that especially applies in marriage.

The problem for many is that they have thought of love as an emotion.

In reality love is an attitude. The fact that love is an attitude rather than an emotion means that you can love your spouse even do he/she is misbehaving. Even when you do not have warm emotional feelings for a person, you still love him/her.

-- ln life marriage is not just about love, it is much more  than that.

It is about some factors which are:






COMMITMENT: in life you should be ready to commit yourself to some certain level. Commitment is one of the important factor to work on in your every day doing and also in your marriage.

GIVING: This is also one of the important thing to possess in life. Have the health of giving and you will see yourself moving ahead.

RESPECT: respect is also one of the things you have to possess also. When you respect who is needed, you will surely see results.

COMMUNICATION: There are two means of communication.

Verbal communication

Non verbal communication

This is also a good factor in life and in marriage. You should have a good communication skills in life and there should also be good communication skills between partners in marriage.

UNDERSTANDING: you have to understand situation in life. Understanding help you to realize what life holds for us.

--In life don't be dependent on anybody.

Learn how to stand your own.

Be ready to make your money without informing any one. You must be ready to take ownership by making your money.

-- In life study yourself: that means to know yourself well enough.

There is a verse in the Bible that says "study thy word and show thy self approve" same goes with studying yourself.

Some will say now, I do know myself but the question now is do you really know yourself.

There some questions to ask yourself like:

* What motivate me?

* What inspire me to do more?

* What get me angry often?

* What makes me happy?

* What can I do to help when I find myself in a bad environment?

* What give me joy apart from Money?

If you can answer all this question correctly, that means you are in a step of discovering yourself.

Another thing is for you to know God and his word.

Most people know God but don't know his word.

Study his word and discover his promises. He's promises never fail.

Also know the worth of God. Knowing God is totally different from knowing his worth.

If you know his worth that he's God that turn impossibilities into possibilities.

No matter how hidden your purpose may look in life, he will surely review it to you.

After he as review it to you, the net step is to take action

Work on your purpose. no matter how small you start, with God and determination it will surely be successful.

Remember to take action.



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