Mother’s day needs to be celebrated. This precious day is the most special worldwide. The unconditional love and immense efforts of our mothers put into our lives is worth appreciation. The selfless love of our mothers is the most beautiful thing in the whole world. People of different cultures celebrate this day differently and in their unique ways. So what are the different traditions you can adopt to make this mother’s day special? We bring to you some best traditions from around the world to celebrate this day.


In the United Kingdom, mother’s day is not only special but is observed religiously. It is a traditional way for the British to celebrate this day in churches. Children pick flowers on their way to the church to present them to their mothers. In these modern days, children celebrate this day a little differently. They shower their mothers with all the beautiful flowers like roses, tulips, lilies, chrysanthemums, and many more. This is a great way of showing gratitude towards your mother on this special occasion of mother’s day. You can try this method out and arrange for online flower delivery in India. Surprise your mother with the beautiful gesture and have a great mother’s day.

  1. MEXICO:

Mother’s day is also called Dia de la Madre in Mexico. Traditionally, mothers are considered as ‘queens of the house’ in Mexico. This day is celebrated most cheerfully. The traditional dishes of mother’s day include tamales and atole. People gather in churches to celebrate this delightful festival. A grand party is arranged for mother’s day that includes dancing, singing, Mariachi bands, and many other specialties. The party holds many delicacies and traditional dishes of Mexico which makes this day a great one. This is the sweet and traditional way of celebrating mother’s day in Mexico.


Mother’s Day in Thailand is extra-special and beautiful. This day is very important in the history of Thailand as this is the day of thanking our mothers for everything she did. Furthermore, this day is used to celebrate the birthday of the Queen of Thailand, Queen Sirikit. On this day, Thailand is groomed like a bride. All the houses are lightened up, the streets are full of lights and celebrations, there are parades organized for the mothers of the country. Children thank their mothers for their selfless and unconditional love and care. The schools also invite mothers of all the children, and the children kneel at their mother’s feet to show their gratitude and love. Last but not the least, nobody forgets gifts and beautiful mother’s day cards for their mothers. You can try out these traditional ways, and send mother’s day flowers to your mother and make this day a beautiful and unique one for her.

  1. FRANCE:

France has a simple way of celebrating mother’s day. French people arrange for dinner and small get-togethers for their mothers. Children present gifts to their mothers which mainly include perfumes, flowers, and jewelry. Children are also allowed to prepare something different for their mothers at school and have celebrations for the same. Although celebrated very simply, but mother’s day is one of the most important occasions in France. These beautiful traditions can be adopted by us to make our mothers feel special. Arrange for online flower delivery in India and surprise your mother on her special day. 


The people of America celebrate mother’s day in a very sweet and graceful way. They arrange for small parties for their mothers and do everything to appreciate her. Mother’s day in America is celebrated by adorning the women and mothers with gifts and flowers. You can also send mother’s day flowers to your mother to make her feel special. Mother’s day in America is also celebrated by giving the mothers and other women a break from their daily chores and hard work. They are given all types of relaxations and rest today. Children cook meals for their mothers and do all the duties to bring a sense of relief to their mothers. This is the traditional and sweet way of celebrating mother’s day in the United States of America.

Mother's Day Traditions from Around the World #infographic - Visualistan


These are some of the different ways of celebrating mother’s day in different countries. Each country has its specialty and you can adopt any traditional way you like to celebrate this mother’s day with your mother. The various delicacies and traditional ways of celebrating this day are a great way of adorning your mother on mother’s day. The cultural diversity and different traditions worldwide are beautiful.


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