Must Visit Surf Spots for French Surfers in Portugal

A challenging environment is the best way to grow as a surfer. Facing challenging waters molds you as a surfer. The Portugal water fits the description of challenge perfectly and thus attracts surfers from not just France but from all over the world. The Portugal water sharpens your surfer skills and is a hub for learning new techniques.

Why Portugal is the best bet?

That said the surfers are bound to ask the question of why Portugal is the sole owner of popularity for surfing. This is because; Portugal has some breathtaking beaches which serve two functions: challenge and fun. Adding to feather is the fact that Surf camp North Portugal has some of the best trainers to guide your surfing journey in the right direction with new techniques and strategies. You can also add to the list that it has stunning surf spots for all levels of surfers.

Best surf spots in Portugal

If you are on a surf camp Porto trip, then don’t miss the challenging surf in the following surf spots of Portugal.

Praia do Norte

If you are thrilled by the idea of surfing in gigantic and stormy seas, then Praia do Norte is for you. The Praia do Norte is characterized by its stormy nature. It has the stormiest waters you can ever experience. As a fun fact, this surf spot serves the best seafood that makes your mouth water. Who won’t want fish food to satiate the taste buds after a refreshing surf session in the stormy waters?


If you love the beach and surfing, then don’t miss the Peniche beach. This surf spot is packed with surfers from all over the world who come here to improve and reinforce their surfing skills. PEnicohes is also famous for sandy beaches, sardines, and super turbos. The beach has powerful waves called the European Pipeline. The Peniche waves are great for challenge seekers, which you will never get bored of. The tourism is in this place is rich hence finding a place won’t be a problem at all. The surf camp has the best sports camps in Portugal.

Praia do Cabedelo

Also known as Figueira da Foz, is a great surfing spot filled with vegetation. The place is surrounded by dunes and pine forests adding to the scenic beauty. It is a windy beach; hence get the help of surf camps. The windy waves of Figueira da Foz will dare you to give your best.


If you are going on a family surf camp, then the perfect surf spot for you is Espinho. Espinho has a dedicated seaside pool designed especially for kids. Your kids can enjoy fun water games while you hit the waves on your surfboard. For French adult surfers, the surf spot is filled with challenging and harsh waves. Other than surfing, Espinho is also popular for its gaming centers for tourists from France. You can enjoy a cool game of Casino, after a rejuvenating session with the waves.

Paúl do Mar

This surf spot is quite different from the ones mentioned above. It is a quiet and calm surf spot perfect for brushing up your skills. It is a great place to improve concentration and surf spots. The professionals from the best surf camps refer to it as one of the calmest surf spots in Portugal. Satiate the foodie inside with the phenomenal Poncha available here.


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