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Oculus Quest 2 Review: All you Need to Know About

Oculus has been a VR champion for years, and the new Oculus Quest 2 takes everything perfect about real reality and puts you in a standalone VR headset, combines it with two precise controls, and packs it for $ 350.

That great price point makes it one of the best VR headsets out there, and while packing a full VR ecosystem for games, apps, and information, it's probably more powerful than ever. This is because of the impressive PC connectivity option that works with a wireless or cable connection, and also with its compatibility with SteamVR preferences. This helps to overcome the frustration of the most expensive app store that lacks shopping options.

Another major disadvantage of Oculus Quest 2 is that it requires you to have a Facebook account in order to work; Those who refrain from sharing their intimate information may laugh at the login (and purchase) of the Facebook account. In the meantime, if you lose or delete that account, there seems to be no way to repay the purchase which is a huge embarrassment. 

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When you open the Oculus Quest 2 box, you will be provided with an earphone, dual controls, charger, and an eyeglass spacer that will fit the headset over your existing eyewear.

Each controller requires a single AA battery that slides instead of each handle, while the headset itself is need to charge with a USB-C charger in the box.

Install app of the oculus on your mobile phone and sign up or sign in your account of Facebook.

When ready, fasten to the headset (fabric strap is adjustable, but can be slightly adjusted) and tap the power button on the right to get started. The volume buttons are below the VR headphone.

Whole process is the combination of your VR headsets and your smartphone application and you will need to do this setup every time you want to enjoy it. Keep in mind you need a safe area to use it avoid any wall or coffee table to interrupt your fun.


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The Oculus Quest 2 is a well-integrated package, and also incredibly sturdy. The area where you touch your face is covered with soft touches - but, as you can imagine with any VE headset, your comfort will suffer after long playing times.

On-board speakers work well enough, but there is the option of headphones with a 3.5mm earphone jack next to the charger hole which may be ideal for popular rhythm games like the Beat Saber.

The front of the device is nondescript other than a series of infrared circles that help track controls in all directions, as well as the Monitoring system above (see image below).

Each controller offers two face buttons, as well as a left menu button and an Oculus right button. There are triggers behind each control, as well as a button on each hold. They are lightweight and thankfully they came with wrist straps to keep them from being thrown into the Wii style room in advance.

Each lens has a resolution of 1832 x 1920. That is a huge jump when you come from the PSVR (960 x 1080) and the valve indicator is over 1600 x 1440. Sadly, there is only 90-degree view field, which is just shy PSVR, but the Oculus Quest 2 can reach a refresh rate of 120Hz.

The Oculus Quest 2 display is an LCD, but thanks to a healthy menu of menus, it does not sound flat or lacking in contrast.



Oculus Quest 2 starts with smart and powerful cursor controls with a floating menu, to access the store or see what your friends are doing.

Many games are more expensive on the Oculus Quest 2 than in most open stores like SteamVR, and the performance of reverse purchases is limited to a few games but not all in-store. As a result, your Oculus Rift purchase may not show up in your Oculus Quest 2 library, which means you will need to reprint.

However, Oculus Quest 2 will play the title of Oculus Quest 1, and act as a sit-in - it may help relieve nausea and help others get "VR legs." If you've been looking for a way to play Beat Saber and Superhot VR, you as long will find it here.

If games are not your thing, Oculus Store also offers a number of interactive features, visual tours, and scientific entertainment. Similarly, there are thought-provoking and practical applications that help you take care of yourself, body and soul, figuratively speaking.

However, the real strength of the Oculus Quest 2 is that it has two headsets in one. If you have a gaming PC (we tested it with the GTX 2070 Super), you can connect headsets with the Windows Oculus app (you will need a long USB-C cable or you can use wireless) and play Oculus Rift and Rift S games using i -Oculus Quest 2.

Lack of space shopping that we mentioned earlier can be confusing to remember which stadium you bought things from, but it does mean that you will be able to access much-needed VR games like Wrath of Asgard, a famous Norse adventure that will be able to access the game.

And not only that, because Oculus Quest 2 will also play well with SteamVR. This means that if you have some games with VR mode open, either in your Steam library or outside, you will be able to enjoy them with VR. We checked the headset with Elite Dangerous VR version and Xbox Game Pass version of Star Wars: Squadron and had a blast - at least before the arrival of VR motion disease. So, yes, that means Half-Life: Alyx has a lot of options.


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Although the original Oculus Quest was not a slouch, the Oculus Quest 2 upgraded RAM (6GB) and the new processor (Snapdragon XR2) made everything smooth. Playing a game, popping up an Oculus menu, and jumping to something is an easy process, and although there are understandable load times, they are usually short.

The firmware update unveiled the 120Hz refresh rate on Oculus Quest 2 again, making Superhot VR very fluid. However, engineers also need to upgrade to a new level of upgrades, but expect many of them to do so over time.

The sound quality is amazing. Although you will get a lot of bass by adding your earbuds, internal speakers are not a barrier to games that rely on clear sound. You can also stream your ideas through Chromecast.

Finally, a word about storage. Oculus has removed the 64GB version, so your options are now 128GB or 256GB, with a $ 100 difference between the two. While additional storage is not a bad thing, if you want to play most of your games on your PC, you will find that the 128GB version will be fine.



Oculus Quest 2 is an amazing overall package. It is an all-encompassing system that allows you to jump into any game in VR, while allowing anyone with a gaming PC to play the most demanding games that already have their live game library.

Sure, the current ecosystem can do well, but otherwise it is a good way to jump into VR and explore everything that newborn media offers.


You can buy it from the link below.




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