Pros and Cons of Using Metal Cladding

Metal cladding is a coating done for protecting the substrate. The protective material is bonded to the substrate by applying heat or pressure. Metal cladding is significant because it is a reliable and cost-effective way of protection from corrosion.

The method used for preventing corrosion by forming a layer of one metal over another metal surface with the help of diffusion, deformation and lasers is called as metal cladding. Cladding is a protective outer covering that is used for covering buildings, walls and roofs. They are generally used for commercial and industrial projects such as for the shop front cladding.

Advantages of Using Metal Cladding

Although there are no options available in the market, the metal cladding has incredible benefits in protecting buildings.

  • Metal cladding requires low maintenance than any other material. Metal has a high tolerance for weather changes.
  • Metal can easily be recycled or repurposed. Unlike another sliding, it is not to be dumped into landfills.
  • Metal cladding offers fire protection and the fire does not spread easily. It also prevents insect infestation. Buildings are completely protected without compromising with ecology.
  • Like wood or brick metal does not absorb moisture hence does not deteriorate due to mildew or fungus problems.
  • They are easy to install and have too many innovative modern design options. Metal comes with a wide range of texture and colours. It has flexible, contemporary and trendy designs.
  • While adding an extra element to the exteriors, it is important to consider the weight as loading too much weight could lead to structural damage as well. Metal is a lightweight material and hence do not add too much weight on the property.

Disadvantages of Using Metal Cladding

Metals are no doubt great choice to protect your commercial buildings and shop front from damages, but certain disadvantages can not be overlooked. It helps you to be prepared for the anticipated issues.

  • Metals may not absorb moisture but can get rusted easily in the presence of water or moisture. Rust causes damage to the metal which may result in peeling of paint, scratch on the surface. Although, there are spray-on treatments available for protection, using high-quality metal can reduce the threat of rusting.
  • Meats are also prone to dents. Soft metal can get punctured and dented during strong windstorm or rains. Therefore consider local climatic conditions while selecting the type of metal.

Metal cladding can be a great addition to commercial and industrial buildings as it does not only provide protection but, also enhances the aesthetics of the buildings and shopfronts. There are no limitations to texture, colours or designs for metal cladding. You can choose the design and colour as per your requirements and preferences.

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