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Are you looking for SAT coaching in Sharjah? Then, you should go to EduQuest. They have highly specialized and experienced staff who help students in cracking SAT exam very easily. Many students look for SAT coaching in Sharjah and near their places. You should take SAT classes based on your needs and requirements that would be helpful in your SAT Preparation.


SAT exam is highly pursued by students for their undergraduate courses from top universities of the world. It an entrance exam that is mandatory to give to get into university in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. It is of two types- SAT 1 and SAT 2. 

SAT 1 is given by those who want to do theirs under graduation from foreign universities. Whereas SAT 2 is pursued by those who only admire to get specialization into one particular subject. The subjects included in the SAT exam are literature, foreign language, mathematics, reading and writing, and history.  

The total time duration of the SAT exam is 3 hrs and 40 minutes along with an essay of 50 minutes which is optional. The total number of questions is 185 (including 1 optional essay question). 

The exam pattern is as follows: 

Two sections- reading and writing and mathematics. 

Reading and writing comprise passages, vocabulary, grammar, and literary passages from American and international fiction. Both the parts have 52 and 44 questions respectively.

Mathematics includes algebra, problem-solving questions, data analysis, and advanced maths. The total number of questions in the math section is 88. The questions are multiple choices based. 

The essay includes one passage of 600-700 words which has to be analyzed and written accordingly. The essay includes only one question which has to be completed in 50 minutes. 

  • The authority to conduct SAT exams lies with the College Board which is a non-profit organization. 

  • The SAT score is accepted by universities all over the world.

  • There is no age limit to give the SAT exam. 


There are many positive impacts of joining SAT classes on your overall SAT score. The reasons you must join SAT coaching in Sharjah are: 

  • Improvesscores

It is seen that students who do their SAT preparation from coaching can score much higher than those who prepare by themselves. SAT classes help to increase the overall SAT score by making you work harder for the exam. 

  • Learn tricks for making your calculation easy

Coaching teachers provide you with tips and tricks to do the complex calculations in less time. They provide you with short cuts and easy methods to eliminate unnecessary calculations for difficult questions. This saves you time while giving the final SAT exam. 

  • Improves grammar and vocabulary 

If you are opting for the SAT exam, then your grammar and vocabulary must be very strong. SAT coaching in Sharjah or any other place work on improving your vocabulary for the exam that you can not do by yourself. 

  • Strategies to crack SAT exam

You can learn strategies to doyour SAT exam. They instruct you how to attempt each section that is – reading and writings and mathematics. SAT coaching provides you guidance from time to time on your mistakes and weak points.

  • Maintains consistency and regularity towards your study

SAT coaching near your places provides consistency in your SAT preparation. They don’t let you skip any topics and chapters. They make you work hard to achieve the desired score in your SAT exam.

  • Increases your speed

With the help of mock tests and speed tests, you can increase your overall speed for giving the SAT exam. This helps you to complete your SAT exam within the given time. 

  • Provides good study material 

Coaching classes provide you with their notes and study material which can enhance your knowledge of the subjects. You don’t need to look for good resource material anywhere else. They provide updated syllabus and question papers for the SAT exam. 



The difference between SAT online and offline classes are not very major. The main difference between them is that one takes your traveling time and one doesn’t.



SAT Online Classes 

SAT Offline Classes 


SAT online preparation fee is less as compared to offline courses. 

SAT offline courses are a bit costly if you do them from prominent coaching centers. 


SAT online classes don’t consume your time. You can attend classes easily by sitting at home. You don’t need to travel to coaching centers. 

SAT offline classes require you to attend physical classes at the prescribed centers. If there are no SAT coaching near your places, then it could be very time consuming to go to offline classes. 

Recorded lectures, classes 

In online mode, you can get easy access to recorded sessions and classes when you are not able to attend them 

Not every coaching prefers recording lectures and sessions in offline mode. So if you will skip classes, you might not get the recorded videos of those classes. You 

Personalized classes 

In online mode, you can have personalized classes with teachers. You don’t need to sit among the crowd and learn things. You can have a teacher who will teach you only.

In offline mode, coaching mostly prefer to teach students in bulk. If you are a person who doesn’t like to sit in-crowd then you should not go for offline classes. 



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