Self Confidence

Do you know what self confidence is? What is its power? What is its role in one’s life?

No, Then let me help you.

Self Confidence is a feeling which is built when we start believing in our abilities, skills and the quality of decision making. It is like a freedom from doubting our self. It is something that needs to be developed internally which in turn boost up your power and ability to do the work which might fear you. It is not a skill which can be built by somebody for you rather it is a skill which can only be created by you. But it doesn’t mean that you can achieve it in one or two days. It takes your hard work, dedication and patience to achieve it.

Once you achieve it, it means you now know your worth, your values and your aim in life. It provides you the strength to overcome your fear and achieve your goals.

Sometimes people know the values of Self Confidence but they don’t try to build it in their own self. Reason, they are afraid that if they fail, they will lose their ability which they have earlier just because of trying new things. People will start telling bad of them which in turn obstructs their sails and can affect their livelihood. But they don’t know that if they do not fail they don’t get the Experience and Experience is one of those things which will help you in becoming a good version of yourself.

There is also a famous quote on this: “If you don’t climb, you will not fall but there is no joy in living your whole life on the ground”

See friends it is not always good to take the thoughts of other people seriously. As it doesn’t matter what people says about you, if you believe that the work you are doing is good and is not harming other then continue doing it. When someone tells you it can’t be done, it’s more a reflection of their limits, not yours. People will always try to demotivate you as they don’t want somebody to step forward before them. They don’t understand that they should not compare themselves with anyone as comparing our self with anyone results in decreasing confidence and makes us feel jealous. So it’s better to compete with us only by beating our past and becoming more productive than we were earlier.

Solutions for overcoming Stress and fear and becoming Self Confidence:

i)  Stop thinking about your past mistakes as because continuously thinking about it results in decreasing self confidence and may leads to our bad decisions. So it’s better to learn from them and try again and again until we achieve success.

ii)  Set realistic and achievable goals but do not expect perfection as it is impossible to be perfect in every aspect of life.

iii) If we fail to do the work which we have decided, we should not take stress and start doing that work again from the next day because “Every new day is an another chance to change your life”.


Do your best, make every effort that you can do to achieve self confidence as it is the only key which will help you to overcome your fear and achieve your goal.


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