A simple guide to not giving up.

"Self discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you cannot control what you think, you also lose control of what you do."

Time is the moving image of eternity, one that waits for no man. And in so, each and everyone of us is but a school subject compassing towards a direction our conscience deems fit. It gets funny that whichever path we tend to take -No matter how opposite we continue drifting away from one another. Our destinies come through converging us eventually. This is the beauty of life.

As time continues to brush past us, a child that bears the name "CHANGE" gets conceived in the process. Just as time being its own boss, change is also said to be inevitable and each era brings with it a new system, a system that brings along impacts with it. We as humans are the most vulnerable and in a very dorminant fashion whenever this new system comes into play This system is what we call "CHANGE". -A root system to every man's problems. 

I grew up under the protection of a sacred code -When you can't control what is happening to you, always challenge yourself to control the way you respond to it. "This is where your power lies."  A phrase my old man always beaked whenever i felt like giving up. I can't appreciate how much his phrases made an overtime difference most especially in my current adult life.

The need for change has proven to engineer a load full of problems among them; Insecurity, self doubt, depression, poverty, egoism, narcissism, low self-esteem...etc. Being a little more clear in details, most notable reports for case researches on the topic have continued  teming the above problems as a result from the competition to adapt to changes the current era has brought along with it. Most of the test subjects have stated that "a need to fit in" was the trigger to their spiral droop.

Our current society rides on a wierd belief that everyone ought to always give a damn about something - especially obsessing on what one actually lacks.- That, one should always strive for more. More money, more cars, more houses, more businesses, more, just more and more and more of everything. You should never be satisfied with what you have.

You currently own a 32 inch t.v? No. A 32 Inch is not enough, get yourself a 55 inch smart t.v.

Oooh! So you currently drive a Range Rover Sport? Well guess what. A Range Rover Sport is not good enough, you should be cruising in a classy Rolls Royce.

Enough is just never enough in this era so you should always strive for more. Better, classier, fancier, prettier... You should never find comfort in what you currently have, always aim for better. Ofcos, wanting More is a good thing don't get me wrong. I am a strong advocate of change and always aiming for more than you currently have but to a certain point.


Because for just as much as you aim for better things in life so should you appreciate what you currently have and the struggle you went through just to get there as well. Our current era has led us into a blind belief system that it is wrong to not have expensive gadgets, expensive clothes, expensive vehicles, expensive lifestyles... That an average lifestyle is more a curse than a blessing. 

Through this, a lot of people end up living a life they can't really manage. A difficult life to sustain with their current financial status mostly doing this due to outside pressure. Because so and so lives in a 3 beedroom apartment, i want to move into a 3 bedroom apartment too. Because so and so takes lunch in a 5 star luxury hotel, I should also take mine in the same place or one of its equivalence. And a lot of us therefore even end up accumulating huge debts in the process. Wanting more has just clouded our judgement obsessing us into giving most -If not all of our attention on irrelevant things and lifestyles that the society has us believing to be of value.

Well, sometimes we just have to fall apart as a people just to realize how much we really need to fall back together. Life would also be much easier if everyone learnt to appreciate themselves no matter how minute their progress is. Life is but a journey and a journey of a thousand steps begins with one single step.

The current problem of our time is depression and to curb this, one needs to realize him/ herself and through just one  simple question to self


Is it fear, poverty, low self-esteem, or inferiority complex. What exactly is your major insecurity.

When you find the answer to this simple question. Then, and only then. Will you  realize a dangerous level of freedom in your life. Psychologists say that; THE MIND IS ALWAYS WORKING AND OUR WILL DETERMINES WHETHER OUR MINDS WORK FOR OR AGAINST US. Therefore, since before ages the character of our feelings has always continued to depend on the character of our thoughts. TAKE SOME TIME AND MEDITATE ON YOU.


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