Once humanity is dying in mankind, sometimes animals are guiding us back into our basics.

It is said. "Just as words are our thoughts verbalized, so does deeds our beliefs actualized." No action, no matter how small is insignificant everything has a resulting consequence either positive or negative.

Contrary to the norms that used to govern us, the world we live in now is a conglomeration of cluelessness spiced with a fair share of infinit ignorance. We live in a world where loyalty is just a tatoo, where love is nothing more than a mere quote, and where lies are the new truth.

What was once considered as a grave act of misconduct has slowly transformed into a glorious norm. One, our current society has embraced wholeheartedly. 

I happened to come across an article insighting on what happens to our choices if left untamed -All our lives, so far as it has definite form, Is but a mass of habits. Most of our daily choices tend to feel like well considered decisions though they aren't. They're actually habits. And they can be changed if we understand how we work. At a certain point man is consciously in control of how much to continue doing something before he stops making that choice and the behaviour becomes automatic. Therefore, for as long as mankind continues to engage in these uncouth set of practices, sooner or later, the only option we'll have left is to embrace for impact.

At a deeper angle some words get to make sense. For a fact maturity doesn't really come with age -It's more a state of mind and the failure to differentiate between wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge is the ultimate reason why some of our actions tend to make even the sweetest of words tasteless. We as a superior race should grow better with time yet we seem to be drifting further and further behind. Well, as the wise age so do the fools and ignorance is never a disability but a choice.

We need to trace and find ourselves then own up to our mistakes. Embracing our faults and making an effort to rectify them is the first step to securing a safe haven for our future generations. No more crying foul all we have as a last result is speaking out on these issues that continue to disdain that human nature in us; social injustices, hate, racism, police brutarity, extortion, radicalism, violence, superiority complex, corruption,  just to name but a few. This world is for us all and the sooner we get to learn this the better for us a race all together. We need each other more than we think and the world needs us just as much as we need the world.



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