The secret behind a happy life

We came across different types of people in our life. Everyone has different mentality and they live according to their own opinion but have you ever wondered, there are some people who remains relaxed and happy all the time and have your ever noticed the secrets behind their happy life? Definitely there would be some ups and lows in everyone’s life.. but these peoples worry less!! But how??

Here is a good way to make ourselves relaxed and to make our life more better and easier,

• Forgive and forget:

  For forgiving, a beautiful heart is enough!

Forgiveness is not such an easy task to be done, one should be strong enough to forgive people .

Some people never bother about others crimes upon them and forgives easily, hence they remain happy but there are some people who cant forgive and always waiting for a chance to hurt and to take the revenge, so they can’t remain relaxed until they take the revenge.. it also effects their own health condition by over thinking.. . we shouldn’t disturbs our own life just because of others mistakes..

 so it’s in our own hand to forgive people and to move on.. so that we can live easily !!

One can forgives easily but can’t forget! This is the second step for a tension free life.. because the first to forget is always the happiest!

There are some people who remembers everything for decades, but what does it gives them instead of sorrow and worry? So try to forget as soon as possible to make our own life much better!


“ Let them pardon and forgive. 

Surah Nur 24:22

Holy Quran


Let’s forgive and forget  and show mercy upon every creature of this world and make our life much better!

😊Happy day😊




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