THE UNIVERSE, mirror image of our life!! believe it or not?

when we just look at the sky, huge number of question arise why it is like that , how it all start , when will it end!! these types of question arises in every individual mind .

but the satisfactory answer of all these questions are reside at your mind itself, wait wait!! i will help you out..

if you wanna know universe you have starts feel about it..involve in it. just think once the system of universe is so calm and decent ..everything take place at certain time every activity has its own existance ..and punctuality is key feature of all this.

so if i am not wrong i can say that our life consist of many similarities with the universe...right?? i explain why

because human life start from a single cell and as we all know universe starts from single partical we know it bigin but still its a mysterious phenomenon.. in the same manner we dont know when will we die or when will universe end because its beyond our capability to understand.

the best way to deal with these mysteries is to enjoy it just like you live your life. if you start comparing then universe is directly proportional to life..or uh may all believe that universe is more stable then our

jokes apart we need to learn from universe yes i am right ..we loose our moral when some obstacle stand infront of us but if uh analyse the core that whats the wrong thing you done or what thing affects you will surely overcome that obstacle.

be stable like universe. we see many changes occers everyday in universe but does it affects its stability, definately not!!

rather taking the burden of difficulties shine or glow like universe do..and try to develop an AURA around you which will beneficial for your upcoming life.

so i just want to say ..make universe your role model and whenever you stuck in some situation just think like your are universe and learn with it.

everyone of us know very well the work of mirror it provides the virtual image of ourselves the exact one. so according to me universe is the virtual image of our lives , it provides all the basics how life bigins how it goes and how ut ends..the only thing that is to be need is analysation, identification, observation.

it seems quite difficult but it is not so...once you habitual of doing this you will feel the change in you..mean universe is that type of mentor which provides you free service and guidance throughout your life..

most of us consider it as an object only but it is not an object it should be objective of our lives.though from scientific view or spritual view , universe contains its importance in both the sectors.

from scientific view its an regulatory system that operates whole managemant of life existance..

and from spritiual view, god creates universe for welfare of mankind and establishment of humanity.

so in both the extent universe has its own immortal values..



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