This year’s tips for the best Women’s Jumpers

Those days have gone by when Italian jumpers used to mean something boring and dull. The constant thirst of wearing stylish clothes has led the fashion houses to design outfits and add innovation in their creations. Nowadays made in Italy jumpers have brought in new trendsthat has taken the fashion game a notch higher.

The styles are numerous, from Italian jumpers to hoodies, cardigans and ponchos, one can find a lot many styles and trends. These are no more associated with the winter season only, and are rather seen all the year round. 

Jumpers: The versatile styling outfit

Jumpers are no doubt associated with winter in general. These are used to protect against the chills of the winters. But nowadays, they not only cover you from harsh winters but you can also wear them during the mild winters, or even during the spring. And this is highlighted by the variety of materials they are found in. Apart from Cashmere Jumpers in the UK, other materials like wool, fleece, viscose, polyester, mixed materials, viscose are also available.

Wool jumpers are best for the harsh cold days. We generally get to see classic sweater designs in wool but they cannot really be tagged as boring or dull pieces, and they are class apart. Their thickness and structures are made especially to suit these purpose. Cashmere jumpers in the UK are the most befitting examples of this.  

Fleece is the second most popular material that are used for jumpers and other winter clothing. This material has allowed manufacturers and designers to play up and introduce prints, patterns and other designs.

Viscose is another highly popular material that has contributed in the styling of winter wear and has landed to the modern designs that we find now. These are lightweight and proves to be a guard in the mild weathers. 

These are the major materials that are popularly used in designing and making woollen garments.

How to select a fine jumper?

The market is so full of retailing options, and they offer multiple products to us. And this abundance of choices makes it difficult to choose the right pick. Here are some of the most effective tips that will let you help you style the jumpers.

How to style jumpers?

To wear a jumper, first you need to pick a style that complements your body. You can pair it with pants, jeans or dress that you can choose depending upon your ease. Amp up your jumpers using simple accessories like belts, cardigans and jackets.

Pair plus-size jumpers with sizzling skirts for the light winters: Most often, jumpers are considered drab and boring. But if you are looking forward to glam those up, pair the super-hot skirts or shorts with plus size jumpers. Trust me, you would love the outcome of this look. You can go for different lengths of skirts that would go with the occasion. 

For a corporate, day-look, pair jumpers with semi-formal trousers: Another classy way to style the jumpers is by tucking them with semi-formal or formal trousers in contrast colours. You can also choose to wear wide-legged palazzos that you use in our everyday routine. 

Recreating a casual look with jumpers: Who doesn’t like to attain a look which is casual, yet classy? Well, every one of us want, and that to without us having much to do. Jumper tops are great for harsh winters, and are great for casual occasions. Pair these with trendy pants or skirts. 

Wear them the formal way: Utilise the jumper to dress up for a formal, corporate occasion. It maybe an office dinner or a marathon meeting, all you need is a collared top or shirt, a formal/semi-formal pair of trousers, and a jumper. You can even add a blazer to accentuate the look. You can play with the colours as per the occasion.

Add smart accessories: To take your jumper-look a notch high, you need to pair it with some comfortable, yet trendy shoes and classy bags. If wearing a smart denim or leather skirt with a jumper, you can also choose to wear a pair of boots. If worn with a pair of shorts or culottes, keep it casual with a pair of sneakers, preferably in white or neoncolour.When wearing for formal purposes, wear a pair of peep-toes or court shoes to have the right combination. Also, no matter what is the look you are carrying, do not forget to match it up with a nice, classy handbag or sling bag.


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