Three lucky plants to keep in your home, to attract health, wealth and prosperity

Lucky Bamboo: Bring home luck with Lucky Bamboo. Each Bamboo stalk has its own importance and it’s arrangement holds significance and has special role to play in your home. Keep the Bamboo stalk in a vase with stones and water. To bring in happiness, wealth and longevity put three stalks in a vase. Five stalks are for wealth, six stalks for good luck, seven for health, eight is for growth and ten is for everything you desire from life. If you want to bring in great health and wealth in your home, get a larger vase with twenty-one Bamboo stalks in it. Take good care of your Bamboo plants by changing water regularly and keep it out of too much sun light. Lucky Bamboo grows well in moist and cool climate.

Wealth Rubber PlantAttract wealth with Wealthy Rubber Plant. The leaves of a Rubber plant represent wealth and money. Rubber plants grow well indoor and can be placed in any spot to reap the benefits from it. However it is advisable to place the Rubber plant in a wealth corner of your home, i.e in the south-east of the room or the entrance hall of your home to reap the maximum benefits from it and assure that your house is filled with wealth and prosperity.

Money Tree: Watch prosperity grow through a money tree in your home, the name says it all. The money tree produces positive energy and brings in prosperity and wealth into your home. Money trees are made by braiding many money plants when it is still young and tender, however it is advisable to braid together odd number of money plants to create one money tree, even numbers of money plants are not considered to be auspicious. The best thing about money tree is that it can grow easily, all it requires is moderate sun light and water.


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