Top 10 Biggest ICC tournaments

Friends, congratulations to all of you because the next 5 years are going to be tumultuous in the world of cricket. There are many countries that are going to host a tournament years from now. Pakistani fans are going to be happy in the future, friends Pakistan is also going to host the Champions Trophy. The cricket coin will run in the next 10 years, and the United States will also host the tournament.


So friends get ready because ICC is going to hold 10 big tournaments in the future. And cricket has become a new excuse for fans to be entertained. In today's article, we will tell you about the 10 big tournaments of ICC in the future.




1. ICC T20 World Cup 2022 (Australia)


Friends year 2022, has brought a wonderful gift for Australia because this year, the World Cup will be played this year. And Australia will be given the opportunity to host it. It will be the 8th T20 World Cup of ICC. Which will be played between October and November.

By the way, Australia did not get a chance to host this event but the story behind it is that the World Cup 2020 was canceled due to Code-19. And that's ICC has decided to hold the World Cup 2022 in Australia.


2. ICC World Cup 2023 (India)


This year, the biggest cricket tournament, the ICC World Cup, will be played again. This tournament will be hosted by India, all its matches will be played in India. According to the International Cricket Council, the World Cup will begin in early October and end on November 26. This will be the thirteenth edition of the International Cricket Council which every team in the world will try to win.


3. ICC T20 World Cup 2024 (USA & West Indies)


The International Cricket Council will try to spread cricket in every corner of the world in 2024. This year's tournament is going to be very special, and the cricket coin is going to run in the United States of America. America is strengthening its team, and is hosting the World Cup 2024.

There are many Indian and Pakistani players who have decided to leave their country and go to America. And they are going to play for the United States in the World Cup. Remember that the World Cup will be hosted by the United States and the West Indies.


4. Champion Trophy 2025 (Pakistan)


Friends after many years, the biggest tournament of international cricket is Champions Trophy is coming to Pakistan. And it is going to make millions of Pakistani cricket fans happy and bring smiles to their faces. Dear friends, the Year 2025 will be a great year for Pakistan cricket.

Because ICC Champion Trophy will be played in Pakistan. At the present, the International Cricket Council had announced that the year 2017 Champions Trophy is the last trophy. But they had to host a big event for Pakistan, that is why the International Cricket Council decided that this tournament will be played in Pakistan. And Pakistani fans will get a new excuse to smile.


5. ICC T20 World Cup 2026 (Sri Lanka & India)


Friends, year two thousand and twenty-six will get a great cricket. This World Cup will be played in Sri Lanka and India, which means half the matches will be in India and half in Sri Lanka. This World Cup will begin in early October and end in November 2026. 


6. ICC World Cup 2027 (South Africa)


The International Cricket Council will once again hold the biggest cricket tournament in the world, that is the World Cup 2027. The opportunity to be hosted by three countries, not just one. This World Cup will be played in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia. Twenty-four years later, Africa will host the World Cup. Which will start in the month of August and will entertain cricket fans till November. 


7. ICC T20 World Cup 2028 (Australia & New Zealand)


This year will bring a wonderful cricket festival for you, that is the T20 World Cup. The opportunity to host it will not be given to anyone else but to the finalists of the 2021 T20 World Cup, Which would be Australia and New Zealand. Only time will tell which team will win the final of this World Cup.


8. ICC Champion Trophy 2029 (India)


The International Cricket Council was considering scrapping the Champions Trophy this year. But his populism drove everyone crazy, and once again decided to get the champion trophy. And the world's top teams will take part in this trophy.


9. ICC T20 World Cup 2030 (England)


Two thousand and thirty will once again take the World's Fair. This World Cup will be played in three countries, not just one, England, Ireland, and Scotland will host the World Cup in 2030.


10. ICC World Cup 2031 (India & Bangladesh)


Friends the year 2031 will take cricket's biggest festival, and it could start in August. This World Cup will be played in India and Bangladesh.



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