Top 4 Social Bookmarking websites for SEO


StumbleUpon is a website that allows you to "stumble upon" other web pages. Users can then rate the pages they stumble upon by giving them a thumbs up or down. As a social bookmarking website. It filters content to display only the pages your friends and acquaintances have recommended. This saves web surfers time because they will only be presented with the pages your friends have voted as good or bad.

But, converting StumbleUpon traffic into sales is hard. You need to consistently produce great content to keep coming back, even first-timers. Many users are unsure how to drive traffic to their site with StumbleUpon. But they do seem to have one thing in common: consistency. If you consistently publish great content and keep up the quality of the links on your page, you will attract plenty of traffic.


If you're a designer, you've probably heard about Dribbble. This website is a great source of inspiration and a way to drive traffic back to your own site. Whether you're a solo designer or a team working on a website. Dribbble is the perfect way to showcase your skills and get traction on your profile. But how do you get started with Dribbble?

First, you'll want to check out the social bookmarking website Dribbble. It's a mecca for designers, so you'll be able to find countless design jobs there. You'll also be able to hire the next big designer there. If you're a brand with an artistic bent, Dribbble is definitely worth checking out. While it's not as popular as the big social networks, it can give your website a boost in SEO.


The benefits of using Fark social bookmarking websites for SEO are obvious. These sites have large organic traffic and high PR, meaning your website will appear at the top of the search results. Backlinks from social bookmarking sites will help improve your website's search engine rankings. Because they'll show up on other websites when users search for them. Social bookmarking sites also index all links and pages submitted to them. Meaning that when someone searches for a particular keyword related to your website. So search engine results will point them to your site via a link on the Fark social bookmarking website.

Drew Curtis founded fark, and it is a social bookmarking website that lets users submit and comment on daily news articles. The site's focus on quality is an important factor because it receives many submissions every day. Unlike other social bookmarking websites, Fark will only feature the best content. And Fark's goal is to showcase the best content and drive traffic to your website. Those who are not too serious about SEO should consider BizSugar, geared toward small businesses.


Delicious, a social bookmarking site, is a great place to share your links. The social bookmarking website allows you to view all your bookmarks in chronological order, by tags, or by users. You can also sort your bookmarks by site, tag, or date added. This makes it easy to find content and new websites for your website. Aside from bookmarking websites. Delicious is also a great place to share testimonials and references.

You can use Delicious to extend your SEO efforts. And stay on top of the ever-changing marketing industry. By submitting links to Delicious, you can gain more credibility and traffic. Another popular social bookmarking website is StumbleUpon. which has recently changed its name to Mix. At the same time, it provides the same services as StumbleUpon. And it also lets users rate and comment on their favorite content. If you want to improve your page ranking, you should consider Delicious as part of your SEO strategy.


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