What are the ways in making self-esteem a worth?


Self-esteem is a combination of self respect and confidence of an individual. It is needed to be built up for knowing the individual’s worth and respect given by other people towards oneself. In order to enhance self-esteem is it important to know oneself fully. Self-esteem is vital to know and the first step to increase is by accepting the way oneself is ,the word acceptance here is fully embracing with what one has such as the family, financial status , relatives , friends and the environment. Self -esteem does not have  a gender but is based upon the persona of an individual.

In today’s competitive generation, a handful  of people can be seen having high self-esteem whereas, in the other hand the younger generations and old people mostly are seen to have struggling with low  self-esteem that leads them to go astray from directing towards the proper path.  The menace of low self – esteem is not found only in certain age group but in every age. Only knowing or accepting oneself is not enough even hard work and right attitude is needed to make oneself in a position of high self-esteem. Since the future of a nation lies with the younger generations, it must be emphasized that low self- esteem can destroy the young lives and the nation obviously deteriorates directly.

 Low self-esteem is a personal problem for this generation as minute baseless things tends to overtake young minds leading them to commit suicide or take others life. There are various factors that lead to having low self -esteem .Denial of self acceptance is a hall mark of low self- esteem. Though entire blame cannot be put upon the society, educational institutions or a workplace, indirectly they are also liable. Misuse of internet and too much of following up of social media is a reason behind  lower self-esteem. Comparison of oneself with the others in terms of wealth, family background, education ,good looking  also directly ceases the  joy and even reduces the esteem held for oneself. Even family problems can also relate to having of low self -esteem which can be helped through proper consolation of psychologist and psychiatrist.  

There are horrendous examples of having very low - self esteem are violence towards meek people , animals, killings, revenge as these are ways of satisfying the ego a person has, indulgence in addiction such as drugs , hard drugs,  alcohol for them the substances are a way of satisfying their hidden emotions not able to be expressed to anyone . Emotions not displayed in a healthy manner towards the living being or injuring or dilapidation of oneself also amounts  to holding of unhealthy esteem for oneself .The thought to think oneself as an unworthy instances feeling oneself  to be ugly , not fitting within the  social group  , taking every possibility to be of negative outcome , these are some of the traits .

 Young generations should be made to find goals in their early stages, they should have a motto ambition in their lives , they must be taught to develop skills needed to be used in the future .Students should be taught that logic must be applied only to the things needed and not every sphere of   life and being too materialistic itself degradation in life. Humbleness  not to be taken for low esteem. Masculinity  or machoism should not be  taken to have more esteem for a person. Counseling sessions must be conducted at school arenas   .  Training of a mind is needed very much in every spheres of life as high self-esteem helps in managing the stressful situations in a proper and matured manner be it in home, public, meetings or in social gatherings. Building up of self -esteem is needed but arrogance should not be taken as having a high self-esteem. 

Having low self-esteem is not only a problem of a student but also even adults at workplace suffer from such problems and it is important to set up emphasis on  importance of workplace culture. Confidence should be increased at the time of young age.

 As every citizen has a duty to the nation similarly even educational institutions must take initiatives to set up an opportunity to increase self- esteem such as including positive activities of yoga classes, sports, games, mind tricking games. Apart from physical activities even spirituality needs to be made strong as physical as well as mental emotional wellness is extremely important because without emotional, mental stability, physical health cannot become hail and hearty. There are ways to tackle with the problem of people having    low self –esteem. The first way is to avoid thinking in a negative manner or pattern, avoid self talk of negativity, comparing with others  as comparison ceases the joy , become a volunteer to help people who are less fortunate, focus on forgiveness  stop thinking about vengeance and revenge, get involved more in social   activities, go for outdoors  such as trekking and traveling , join yoga classes,    merge with clubs meant for dance and social welfare, learn self defense, cultivate a hobby for oneself  such as painting, rock climbing, gardening, develop culinary skills , handicrafts such as hand knitting, making organic soaps , manufacturing self made candles ,writing articles, stories , poems  and teaching variety  of skills  as  usefulness of self-esteem in children.  

It is necessary to live a purpose filled life to know oneself and understand oneselves only then can we make people understand the value of having self -esteem. Self- esteem is important to be increased not only for the purpose of filling up of jobs or workplaces but also to have a sense of happiness in the midst of chaos. Therefore, it is vital as increasing self -esteem of people helps in saving the life of millions as nation becomes competent to tackle daily situations and self esteem must be made a priority. Therefore, it is very important that developing self -esteem is a vital part of life as it is reflected in the manner a person displays in his life and can either make or destroy the life. 


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