What Is Included In Deep Cleaning Services?

What Is Included In Deep Cleaning Services?

Most of us tend to avoid those cleaning rituals until we need to. But this year is a bit different. Due to the outbreak of this pandemic cleaning and deep cleaning are of paramount importance. The daily rituals of cleanings have changed to keep everyone safe.


1. Cleaning And Disinfection Of Highly Touched Surfaces

According to the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization and CDC, the virus can stay active on hard surfaces for several days. The best way to protect yourself and the people around you is to clean and disinfect the highly touched surfaces.

In the home setting, doors, doorknobs, switches, countertops, tables, and handles of various appliances are some of the most frequently touched surfaces. The professionals will not only clean the surfaces but disinfect them. Cleaning is the removal of visible dust and stains whereas disinfection is killing of the microorganisms on the surfaces.

In-office or commercial properties, all of the highly touched surfaces need thorough cleaning and disinfection. Make sure the company you are hiring is well-reputed and is equipped with the latest updates about disinfection guidelines.

If you want to keep your property safe, all of the frequently touched surfaces should be disinfected several times a time. Hire a reliable company that offers complete service packages.

Are Deep Cleaning And Coronavirus Control Services The Same?

Although a deep cleaning service handled disinfection around houses, things have changed due to this pandemic. Many companies are also offering coronavirus control services along with cleaning whereas some new companies have also started offering their COVID-19 control services. If you want to avoid the hassle of hiring two different companies, look for a company that can do both. Be sure of the professional competence of the company before hiring them.

2. Deep Cleaning Of Kitchen

Begin with the most frequently used kitchen appliances. The oven should not have any stuff that can catch fire during self-cleaning heat production. Once the baked food is gone, the wires are thoroughly cleaned.

The stovetops, coils, and control knobs are thoroughly cleaned. The kitchen knobs must also be disinfected to avoid transmission of the virus. Some other appliances that need a thorough cleaning and surface disinfection are toasters, microwave, refrigerator, and freezer.

3. Deep Cleaning Of Bathroom

The bathroom can house several other diseases causing organisms as well as COVID-19, especially when an infected person has been living in the area. The shower curtains need to be washed, surfaces should be wiped with cleaners and disinfectants.

If an old or worn-out bathroom is being cleaned, the grout is retouched to give a brighter and cleaner appearance.

4. House Fumigation

Coronavirus control services almost always include fumigation. It is a procedure that results in the release of vapors or mist of an anti-microbial agent in the air.

Discuss the disinfection and cleaning process in detail before you hire any company. Stay safe. 


Bottom Line

One should use 70% alcohol solution of hydrogen peroxide solution to wipe off the surfaces. Any of the EPA approved chemical considered effective against COVID-19 are often used for cleaning. The best cleaning companies educate their workers according to the latest updates from WHO.


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