What is Revival

What is religion? 

Religion is 1. Organised 2. Stereotype 3. Static

Religion started in the garden of Eden, man looked for fig leave to cover the trust with wrong, merry goes around over and over. Trying to cover themselves with fig trees leave is religion. Gen 3:7-8. But God gave them skin of the lamb to cover themselves i.e "Grace"

Religion has to do with the laws because if you keep nine and fail one u have failed all. Roman 3:17-21

Christianity is religion

God Created man he didn't say Muslim or Christian

Christian is Godlike character

Holding the true in unrighteousness is because they have original order. The order of God is in the life of Jesus Christ, God words in his purpose

Note: the first murder in the Bible was done in the name of religion, as Cain sleep his brother Abel. Both man brought an offering before the Lord but the Lord favourrd Abel sacrifice in a jealous ragw, Cain murdered his brother Gen 4:5-8 since that time men have killed one another in the name of God.

Jesus warned us a time when his people would die as martyrs and the murderers would believe they were doing Good favour

They will put you out of the synagogue yes the time is coming that whosoever kills you will think that he offer God service John 16:2

During the past two thousand years ago the world has been drenched in the blood of innocent people who were victims of religion conflict. From the Roman empire Roman church and the inquisition to the Islamic call for Jihad. Men are dying in the name of religion.

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Evangelist Collins Mengue



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