By their physical appearance and by different analyses we can only say that women are weak, but yet they are the strongest.

Based on human character, men can work for their families, use their strength to provide food and other family needs and that’s it. When they are full with money in their pocket, in any case, they feel very happy and the best in the world.

For the women, they always think of satisfying others then after to themselves, the happiness of their family counts more than all. They can work in the office all day without a break and in the evening work for the family, cooking, washing children, clean the house, and serving the boss of the house and they are never at rest, also never say that they are tired.

Who are women?

We cannot define exactly how and whom they are…mysterious a creature with wisdom and beauty.

Respect all women’s efforts of course that they are our mom, educators of children, wife at home, and worker at the office.


Can we learn more about a woman?

 üWomen can handle several tasks at a time

 üWomen may have thoughts in disorder but it’s their way of working out thing

  üWomen can be angry but not last long

 üWomen value all(small and large), they take care of everything

üWomen count dates of family memories day by day that they can't help to wait for its coming

üWomen can take a different decision about only one thing but also it’s their way of solving problems

What about our men?


ü  Men value only things they like useful at the moment

ü  Men can forget family remembrance dates (like the first meeting with his wife, children’s birthday…)


Leave our wives in happiness because they are like flowers in our daily life, respect them, support them, like the mothers of our children, like the door of happiness in the family, as our worthy wife because they all scarify for us.





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