Why the mobile e-commerce industry is in boom?

E-Commerce is a booming industry and the next big thing for the entrepreneurs who are targeting to step into this industry. The industry is growing so rapidly that it brings curiosity about "why it is growing" to every mind that encounters and analyzes it. Startups and Business owners are working to grow their business and connect to their targeted audience directly through their mobile apps. Let us understand why E-Commerce is growing so fast in 2022.

Inexpensive internet and smartphone availability

In 2022, most people have access to smartphones and cheap internet. The high-speed internet is causing people to explore more apps on their mobiles, especially online shopping. Check the stats below:

  • 79% of the users have performed shopping from online E-commerce platforms directly from their smartphones. 
  • It is predicted that E-commerce on mobile will see an astonishing rise of nearly 80% in 2022 proving its growth opportunities.

Users have already ditched computers which is why most of the traffic on E-commerce platforms comes directly from mobile apps. The increase in the number of E-commerce app development companies is also a reason why more entrepreneurs are delivering new E-commerce mobile apps to acquire their targeted audience. And the fact that consumers are inseparable from their smartphones is causing users to keep using the E-commerce platforms.

So, it is clear that the availability of mobile apps and cheap internet connection is the reason why E-commerce apps are capturing the market and producing a boom in the market. Let us understand deeper insights into why do users prefer mobile E-commerce apps?

Users prefer mobile E-commerce apps more than websites

Users are more interested in mobile apps for shopping rather than websites. Take a look at the below pointers explaining why users prefer mobile E-commerce apps moreover websites.

  1. Mobile apps provide dedicated services to their users as compared to E-commerce websites. The apps always sit in users' pockets, and they can shop anytime they want from anywhere.
  2. Mobile apps have access to specific mobile features like camera, Bluetooth, and GPS to provide better services and suggestions to the users. Mobile apps offer an automated process of checkouts and payments where users save their financial information and use it again and again without reentering them.
  3. Mobile apps load quickly as compared to web browsers. They are just a single tap away from fulfilling users' queries without unnecessary wait times that exist on the websites.
  4. Finally, mobile apps are easier to use as compared to websites. The apps sit on users' local storage, providing a faster process and navigation with simplicity to use and understand.

Above are the factors explaining why users prefer mobile E-commerce apps for their regular shopping. But, the contribution is substantial from app development companies who continuously provide trending features to the latest E-commerce apps.

App development companies empowering E-commerce industry with the latest technologies

In 2022, a large number of companies are providing digital solutions to entrepreneurs in the E-commerce industry. Let us see what features E-commerce mobile app development companies offer to the industry, helping them become a boom in the market.

  • Apps packed with AI: Artificial intelligence is a topic that attracts every client. Mobile app development service providers continuously provide dominating Artificial intelligence to the apps, acting as an assistant for the users. The apps now read the user's behavior through machine learning and suggest suitable products in advance, making users buy more and stay loyal to the mobile apps for shopping.
  • Metaverse enabled solution: Metaverse has been a trending phrase since the announcement of Facebook changing its name to Meta. Mobile E-commerce apps development companies are continuously providing AR and VR abilities to the users where they can virtually experience themselves while shopping. It means that users can see how they will look in advance if they purchase a t-shirt providing them with better purchasing decisions.
  • Personal chatbots actively assist users: Now, users can connect to the E-commerce platform and discuss their queries on the go. E-commerce app development companies continuously provide intelligent chatbots for mobile apps so that their customers can access optimum chat support and get their queries solved instantly. The feature reduces unnecessary waiting time to email the company or raise tickets.

Final verdict

The Mobile E-commerce industry is growing rapidly, and more businesses are entering the domain to provide the best buying and selling experience to the users. The speed of mobile apps, high smartphone & internet availability, and the robust features that mobile app development services provider's add, are the three main reasons that boost the E-commerce industry to achieve the highest numbers worldwide. If you have a business idea and want to launch your own Ecommerce mobile app, it is the right time to approach mobile app development service providers and build your next E-commerce app to walk on the path to success.



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