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Affiliate marketing is quite an interesting job and Yes a dream job for a lot of people. But here the question arises, "How I can do affiliate marketing without having a website?" Building a website takes a lot of time and also a good bunch of money. This is the main reason why affiliate marketers are looking for another way to do affiliate marketing so that they can skip that step.

Here one more thing which came to mind as a marketer that isn't it difficult to do affiliate marketing without a website. So it is not impossible to do affiliate marketing without a website. There are a lot of ways to do affiliate marketing without having a website.

Before coming on to the main topic lets understand "What exactly Affiliate Marketing is". Affiliate Marketing is an agreement between two parties the marketer and the online retailer, for whom you are going to promote the business or products through affiliate marketing. You will get paid by how many leads traffic you have generated through affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing without website

Here are the basics of Affiliate Marketing which you need to understand to start as a marketer:-

What you need to promote:- At the very first step, you need to understand the right offer to promote. So for this, you need to search about it or you can join some affiliate networks from which your work will be easy to search for the right offer.

Where you are going to promote it:- There are various ways by using them you can promote Like- Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. These are also good sources for traffic nowadays.

There are many ways by using them you can do Affiliate Marketing without having a website:- So now when we get to know that we can do affiliate marketing without having a website. It time to focus on those techniques which are available for Affiliate marketing. 

Use as your own blog:- You can register free account on and submit your article with your affiliate links. the main reason for using is that you dont need to pay for domain or hosting in the beginning. and the second thing here is we already have traffic so your articles will get good traffic and you can earn money by writing articles for your affiliate program/products. after your article gets published you can share the link with your friends on social media to promote it. This will double your earnings, because we also pay per view on your article, (if monetized). Check eligiblity cretiria at WRITE AND GET PAID page. 

Posting on Online Forums:- It is the best approach that the internet makes it easy for marketers. You just need to search on the internet about online forums or communities which can provide the services of promoting the products online on their platform or the target audience which might be interested in your products. Then you just need to sign up on that particular platform and start posting on that particular platform.

Solo Ads:- Solo ads are a very useful platform as an affiliate marketer if you don't have a website. How exactly solo ads work- If the influencer likes your products then they can allow you to target that specific audience and put your product on the mail lists of other peoples. Which can help you to market your products to other peoples and also you can get paid by per click.

Youtube Channel:- Youtube is one of the top-ranking platforms in video making platforms or for advertising. Millions of people are using youtube for creating content worldwide. So if you don't have a website you just need to create a youtube channel and start promoting affiliate links in the description box.

eBook:- By creating an eBook on an interesting topic on which you are very confident that it will gain the attention of users you can easily do affiliate marketing. Through this when you have written an eBook you can put the affiliate links in the content because if people are reading it very deeply they surely click on that link. The main thing which you have to keep while start writing an eBook is the latest trending topic. You need to choose a topic wisely so that it can attract maximum users.

PPC marketing:- If you want to get fast results then you must go for paid marketing which is pay per click. Because when you are paying to advertise on social platforms it can give you the results as fast as you pay for that particular ad.

Social Media Platforms:- This is one of the very effective ways to do affiliate marketing nowadays. On social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram the massive growth is there over the past few years. On these platforms, you just need to create your account and start promoting your products or business. You need to keep in mind that you need to post daily on these platforms so that you can attract more audience.

Content Publishing Platforms:- On the internet, you can find a lot of websites that can allow you to write on their website and get paid. For this, you need to choose a topic related to your product and you need to publish that article on that kind of websites so that you can attract the audience by writing articles.

Email-Marketing:- Email-marketing will also help you to do affiliate marketing. Because this is one of the effective tools of marketing to promote your product. This method can't is ignored if you don't have a website for affiliate marketing. here you need to do is to create a list of emails from the database and start an email marketing campaign. You can add the links in the content which you are going to send through emails. To influencing the user you need to give them some effective reasons so that they can sign up on your platform. For this, you can give them the free newsletter offer etc.

Affiliate marketing without having a website is a bit difficult but not impossible. You just need to choose the wise platform which is suitable for your product so that you can target a specific audience on a large scale. Before doing this you need to take care of some things which are very important for promoting the business.

  • You need to do proper keyword research so that you can put those keywords in your content.
  • Write your content because you are going to promote your product so you need to write related to your product or business.

These platforms will help you to do affiliate marketing if you don't have your website. You just need to put your efforts and ideas so that your marketing strategy is unique from others and attract more audience.


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