Earn Money By Writing Articles

Earning money by writing is 100% possible if you are ready to attain it. Do you know you can invest your $1 into a book and a pen and get your 1000$ in return by writing articles?  Yes, this is very true and works like magic!

Over time, article writing has been one of the high-income skills that adds great value. As a freelance article writer or blogger, you can earn money from the comfort of your home by writing articles online.

Writing articles online is the best way to earn extra funds for your daily need. If you can write well, why not use this skill to earn additional funds for a lifetime investment?. 

Earn money by writing articles online can be very encouraging, especially when you get a website where job offers are listed, and you can earn from clients and organisations daily.

Many persons are still struggling with jobs that can't provide a lifetime investment for them, wasting their time and hoping for a miracle that might never come through.

Having a diploma or a university degree is not enough to get a good job that pays in this era. Getting a good income source has been restricted to offline jobs that do not guarantee a high and steady income.

Article writing online does not require an office or any professional process. All it requires is your skill, a pen and a book that will not cost you up to $1 but can yield over $100 depending on how effective and profitable you are at delivering and rendering your services. 

Even if you are employed, one or two hours of your free time could double your monthly salary. This is the privilege that comes with writing articles online.

We all get tired of being in debt and getting fired from one job to another earning money by writing articles online is a dream come true and has come to help you make a dollar or two which will eventually grow as time goes on and you stay in the profession.

But how do I earn money by writing online? If this is  the question you have to ask me right now then sit and relax because I got you covered.

There are three general ways of writing online. They are include 

  • Regular writing

  • Marketing 

  • Blogging

Let's check them out!

Regular writing 

Have you thought of writing for people to get paid? Yes, you can be a freelance writer for a start. 

There are thousands of freelance sites, brands and magazines that can write for online and get paid.  Check out this post at www.mixreads.com for more information.


Affiliate marketing is another option out there for you. It is a means of promoting services, products and brands on a blog to attract your audience. Even if you don't have a blog, you can be a social media promoter by helping brands get more traffic by reading your convincing write-ups.

You would surely get a commission which is also a means of adding money to your pocket.

However, Amazon affiliate marketing is a swift means of earning money by writing online by simply promoting their products or brands.


You may have heard of this but scared to hit it. Blogging is a top hit if you want to make it by writing online.

Yes! Blogging helps you want money fast.

A blog is a simple way or a tool you use to reach out to readers worldwide, expressing your thoughts and creating awareness. You have a personally hosted blog or make use of platforms such as WordPress.

If you have a self-hosted blog, you are one step ahead in making money online by writing.

 Another means of blogging is guest blogging. Here, you don't need to have a blog or website of your own and yeah you are paid for the contributions you make.

What is guest blogging? This is only posting a blog post on another person's blog. Sites like www. mixreads.com. Is a guest blog.

There are other contributor blogs out there that you can get paid for posting contents on their blog.

Do you want to find top blogs or magazines that pay? You can search them on google and get your answers ASAP and get it done!

Some blogs pay for traffic; this means your posts attract more likes, comments and shares, then you are paid for that. Other blogs pay for your write-ups, but this usually takes a long time.

If you finally choose one, be sure to go through the blog, understand their method and tune of writing, then start creating your blog posts. You should also check if the payment process is convenient and easy for you to access.

Also, always switch topics while creating your posts. Make your write-ups stand out, fun and engaging to attract your readers.

A lot of people focus on regular writing and still make a ton out of it. However, there are more areas of earning money by writing online. 


Earning money online by writing articles has been. It will always be the best option for anyone ready to make money without stress, get a better life and secure a lifetime of good financial status. It's better late than never. 

Choose which way seems best for you and start your earning journey.

Want to find more articles like these?  Check out www.mixreads.com.


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