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Write and get paid

Writing and getting paid has become a growing and vast occupation amongst other online freelance jobs you can find on the internet. It offers you a ton of benefits because you choose who you want to work for and when you want to.

There are many readers, and most of them may wish to also write for others to read and get paid for the efforts they put in.

Are you one of the aspiring persons that wish to join the writing and earning team? Or, you may have tried getting into blogging or freelancing and got caught up in the blue due to lack of consistency. Then it would help if you read this article to the end. 

There are a lot of freelance writing jobs available but, there are core points you should take note of while taking up this profession, they include;

Write and Get Paid


Consistency is the heart of any profession. As a writer who desires to earn a great deal from writing online, it is essential you include this virtue into your working spirit. 

Devoting your time and attention towards your career as a freelance writer will yield you the best results.



Once you are consistent in your work, this is when determination comes through. Earning as a writer can be tedious and stressful for you to handle, but, with your determination, you are sure of making the best out of your career.


Prove your skills

If you have determination and consistency, your skills start to play into the picture. Express your writing skills and put your work into actions. While you have all these covered, you may want to choose from various websites that would give you a writing job whenever you need it.

Searching for several means to write and check paid? Here are detailed means you may want to consider to select from and start your journey.


Writing for websites, blogs and journals.

There is no doubt that a lot of money can be made from writing different types of content. Most visited blogs, websites and magazines will always crave for more content. Many blog and website owners are willing to pay you to render your services as a writer. 

Also, it's left for you to find the best writing opportunities out there.

Freelance sites such as Fiverr and Upwork are one of the best sites where you are given the privilege to upload your profile as a skilled writer, letting the world know the type of writing services you have to offer. 


Creating articles online 

For you to write and get paid, this idea may be the least you expect. Websites such as What Culture, Women on Writing (WOW) pay at least $40 for related articles written and published.

Aside from these sites mentioned, there are thousands of sites across the net that you can choose from. However, it is essential you study the website, read through its policy and guidelines. These websites are a great advantage because they help create awareness for your profile, and articles you have written. 

If you decided to go for a magazine brand, you should note that it requires regular upload of contents and an online copy pays less than a printed copy. The budget tends to be low, especially if it is not a personal product.


Freelance Journalism

Have you ever read an article in a newspaper or magazine and wish you could be that writer? You don't have to be a fulfilled and professional journalist before you write and get paid. If you desire, you can also be a contributor to freelance magazines and article publications.

For example, you can start by writing about your favourite food, hobbies or any other fun topics that can end up into a daily bread as you contribute to a lot of magazines.


Publish your book

Have you thought about writing and getting paid as an author? Do you know this can be an escape route to financial freedom and at the same time fulfilling your dreams as a writer?

As a book lover, you may want to pen down your words and put them to life. A platform like Amazon or kindle is a great place to start and also stand a good chance. You can make sales from selling your online books and copies to other book lovers.

However, consistency and determination must play its role here. Before you get high chances of getting paid, you'll need to publish several books which will grasp little or much attention.


Getting paid as a Copywriter/ Sales ambassador 

Copywriters are needed in their multitude as the day goes by; copywriting is a type of content writing that is structured to draw a reader's attention to make an action.

Copywriters write product descriptions, sales letters and online advertisements. If you have a little knowledge or a copywriting background, you can work towards investing your time and effort to yield returns. You can also use your copywriting skills to sell your brands and products.


Earn Money with Blogging

Everyone knows that starting up a blog is not an easy step to take. It's times and energy-consuming. But, imagine you own a fast-growing and popular website you would find it fun updating your readers and feeding them with valuable content because you are doing what you love and at the same time getting paid.

Find your niche and start building your blog! 

Write and Get Paid

Write For Us

Don't know how to setup a blog or website? Dont worry still you can write for us and we are committed to pay you for each view your approved article will get. You can get paid for write about anything, in which field you are master. 

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Thanks to the digital and electronic era. There are millions of excellent opportunities out there for you to stand a chance of writing and earning as a blogger or a freelance writer. Choose a trusted website and start your writing to make the journey. 

Even if you are a beginner, you should not bug about it. Don't be scared of trial and errors out there. However, you are left with the decision to choose what you want for yourself. 

Are you interested in writing to get paid? Would you choose to be a freelance writer, copywriter, or you want to start a niche of your own? Make a decision and start writing to get paid.


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